Vikasol with uterine bleeding

The use of vikasol and other drugs in uterine bleeding

How to take vikasol with uterine bleedingUterine bleeding is a common female pathology that occurs in very young women and during menopause. Although there are spotting outside their terms and in middle-aged women. Only the reasons for this are usually different. How to stop the uterine bleeding by yourself, should I go to the doctor and what will happen if I do not?

If the discharge appeared, for example, in the middle of the menstrual cycle, and they are not plentiful, rather, a pink daub, then one should not worry at all. Preparations for uterine bleeding of this kind will not be needed. Most likely, it is a sign of ovulation. After the follicle bursts, an insignificant decrease in the level of hormones occurs, until the yellow body is formed, the endometrium in a small area exfoliates, and there are secretions. They can last up to 3 days, but always in a small amount. Do not you want to see these emissions any more? Start drinking hormonal contraceptives. When they are taken, there is no ovulation, and therefore there will be no discharge. Well, except that during the first three months, perhaps, while the body gets used to tablets.

If this is not your case. The blood goes abundantly, as with menstruation or even more. And this has never happened to you - contact a doctor. And urgently. If you are outside the village and there is a first aid kit at hand, you can use Vikasol with uterine bleeding, it will reduce the amount of blood lost and give you the opportunity to wait a few hours, get to the doctor. This drug is usually used in the form of intramuscular injections. So it is especially effective. How to take vikasol with uterine bleeding, in what dosages? This drug is used to enhance blood clotting. Therefore, it can not be used by persons who have already increased blood coagulability or a high risk of thromboembolism. The dosage for intramuscular injection is 15 mg. Do shots 2 times a day. The use of vicasol in uterine bleeding is possible together (even in one syringe) with dicinone (etamzilate). But it's best not to experiment on your own, unless the doctor has previously indicated the exact dosages.

If we talk about vikasol or dicinone, which is better, then, perhaps, the second drug is preferable, since it, as stated in the instruction, does not provoke the formation of blood clots in the vessels. Although in contra-indications to him, both thrombosis and thromboembolism are indicated. Ethazylate is convenient in that it is effectively taken in tablets. After all, not every woman can make herself an injection. With abundant menstruation, this drug is also often recommended.

There is another drug that can make a worthy competition for both of these - it's traneksam. A modern and safe drug, widely prescribed for bleeding during pregnancy, juvenile, dysfunctional. Vikasol or traneksam, what is stronger of them? Preferred traneksam. It is more modern. Very effective when taken orally. And vikasol is a preparation of the old generation.