Touching and wise quotes about children

Sometimes, to express your feelings, it is so difficult to find the right words. But you can use someone else's: quotations about the children of famous or great people. Wise (or at least witty), time-tested, they make you think and decorate any speech. Quotes about children: they say domestic famous and great people

"It is much easier to teach from the pulpit, from the rostrum, to teach from the pulpit than to bring up one child." (Alexander Herzen)

"Now children do not play, but learn. They all study, study and never live. " (Alexander Greene)

"Children are holy and pure. You can not make them a plaything of your mood. " (Anton Chekhov)

"Pamper your children, gentlemen, because you do not know what awaits them in the future." (Vladimir Nabokov)

"Be kind, and let your child understand that you are kind (himself, without prompting), and let him remember that you were kind, then, believe me. You will fulfill before him your duty for the rest of his life, because you will directly teach him that good is good. And at the same time he will remember your image all his life with great respect, and maybe with tenderness. And if you did a lot of bad things, that is, at least frivolous, painful and even ridiculous, he will certainly forgive you, sooner or later, in remembrance of you all your bad for the sake of a good that will remember. Know also that you can do nothing more for him ... "(Fedor Dostoyevsky)

"Parents do not understand how much harm they do to their children when, using their parental authority, they want to impose their beliefs and views on life on them." (Felix Dzerzhinsky)

"All the children of the world are crying in one language." (Leonid Leonov)

"If people say bad things about your children, it means they say bad things about you." (Vasily Sukhomlinsky)

"Children should be pampered - then from these grow up real robbers!" (Eugene Schwartz)

"How often do we rush high words without thinking about them. Here doldonim: children - happiness, children - joy, children - light in the window! But children are also our torment! Our eternal anxiety! Children - this is our judgment on the world, our mirror, in which conscience, intelligence, honesty, our neatness - all barely see. Children can close us, we never will. " (Victor Astafiev)

Quotes about children: foreign famous and great people say

"Let the children go and do not prevent them from coming to Me, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven." (Jesus Christ)

"Out of the wildest foals, the best horses come out, if only they should be properly raised and left". (Plutarch)

"You will never be able to create wise men, if you kill the children in the children."

"If only parents could imagine how they bore their children!" (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

"Children immediately and easily learn with happiness, for they are by their nature - joy and happiness."

"A little girl without a doll is almost as unhappy and just as unthinkable as a woman without children." (Victor Hugo)

"The best way to make children good is to make them happy."

"Children start with a love for their parents. Growing up, they begin to judge them. Sometimes they forgive them. " (Oscar Wilde)

"Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to spend it on children. " (Bernard Show)

"Every child is to some extent a genius and every genius is to some degree a child." (Schopenhauer)

"Teach your children to be silent. They will learn to speak for themselves. " (Benjamin Franklin)

"Clear as an orange: the old people have never been children." (Ray Bradbury)

"Children, especially girls, should always say that they are beautiful and that everyone loves them. If I have a daughter, I will always tell her that she is beautiful, I will comb her hair and I will not leave her alone for a minute. " (Marilyn Monroe)

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