The trained muscles prevent depression

I know that a good training helps to relax, both physically and mentally. Scientists have finally figured out what is causing this.

Scientists have found that the muscles that are constantly in tone help prevent the "negative" substance from entering the brain, as the liver saves the body from poisons.

This discovery helps not only to understand the cause of wellness after training, but also can lead to the emergence of new methods of treating depression.

The study was conducted by Swedish scientists in mice. Animals were constantly exposed to stress by loud blows, light and early awakening. After five weeks of such tests, "ordinary" mice showed signs of depression, including loss of appetite. Those who had developed muscles felt equally well.

Such reliable protection against depression, by results, provided the enzymes that arise in trained muscles. The experiment also showed that such a protein is produced in the human body a few weeks after the start of active physical training.

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