The seven nannies

Romantic appearance of an ideal nanny for young parents sooner or later acquires quite real features. And it's good if they do not recognize the familiar image of Bock's freken. However, the harmful lady also had her own positive qualities. Experienced it was possible to find out that in nature there are seven basic types of nannies, each of which has special signs.

Before announcing the results of the experiment, let's say a few words about nannies in general, while keeping silent about Arina Rodionovna (everyone already knows about it).

A few years ago, a nanny in an average Russian family was an exotic phenomenon, and today this is a family without a nanny. Women want to make a career without harming the family and giving birth to children without prejudice to their career. Desire is absolutely normal and does not cause anything other than understanding. In grandmothers meanwhile, understanding is difficult to meet - not all of us can boast of a mother who selflessly rushes to the embrasure of the hearth and devotes herself entirely to her grandchildren. In addition, such dedication has a flip side: grandmothers begin to look at their grandchildren as their own children, and my mother often feels herself pushed to the backyard. In short, sooner or later everyone comes to the same thought: the family needs a nanny, and the sooner, the better.

In the park next to my house on a daily walk come the kids from all the surrounding buildings. They are accompanied by nannies, and their presence does not prove the high material level of the family.

What is a good nanny? Each of us has our own idea on this, but the ideal image is built from the same features: a middle-aged woman with higher education and medical skills, not chatty, accurate, diligent, gay, having her own (adult) children, pleasant appearance , not envious, clever, with pedagogical abilities ...

Similarly, young girls make up a portrait of the ideal husband, fashioning him out of mutually exclusive qualities. Ladies adults and experienced understand perfectly well that such an option is unattainable. Nevertheless, one should strive for the ideal and remember that in each of the seven nannies, which will be discussed, there are some of these qualities.

Grandma the old woman

Она уже на пенсии, но чересчур активна для того, чтобы праздно сидеть на скамеечке с другими бабушками — еще чего! Grandma the old woman не собиралась становиться няней — это вам однажды понравилось, как она разговаривала на улице с малышами, и вы решили присмотреться к ней внимательнее. Grandma the old woman никогда не станет требовать огромной платы за свои услуги, всегда с удовольствием взвалит на себя дополнительный груз, связанный с приготовлением пищи и даже уборкой вашей квартиры, и однажды вы поймете, что она незаменима.

Those around you will not be tired of wondering how you are not afraid to leave the baby with such an old man, to put it mildly! And you grin: experience and hardening of these grannies are expensive - now people like your nanny simply do not exist.

Advantages: experience, patience, lack of pronounced monetary interests, affectionate attitude towards the baby.

Disadvantages: care and education in the old manner, neglect of new medical and pedagogical trends, inevitable grumbling and slowness, inherent in age. In addition, the grandmother-old woman will educate not only your baby, but you and her husband in addition.

Degree of reliability: higher than it seems. Knowingly nannies of children from time immemorial were old women - others simply did not trust them.

Woman in white

Many young mothers, having had a bad time in the hospital, dream of a nurse with medical education. Unfortunately, very few of us can boast of a perfectly healthy child, that's why it will be calmer, of course, when a knowledgeable person is next to the baby.

Doctors in nannies, as a rule, do not re-qualify, but nurses with pleasure take additional work, habitually referring to it as "on-call". In principle, a nanny in a white coat is a worthy option, but only if it is a child of the first months of life, when he needs general care more than education. Nurses - the profession dictates! - are usually very careful, do not miss taking medication, they can provide additional services: doing massage, injecting, etc., etc. However, few of them agree to a permanent job as a nurse - many like the hospital atmosphere, in addition, there is always a question about the experience and other specific things. In general, a medical nurse is an ideal option for the first time, and many of them willingly take night shifts: they are not accustomed to, and you get rest and a normal sleep!

Advantages: professional care for a child, medical care.

Disadvantages: in a year you will have to look for another nanny.

Degree of reliability: high enough.

Gone with the Wind

She was least of all dreamed of becoming a nanny. And she would never have become, if not for extraordinary circumstances, as a rule of material sense. Low-paid or non-existent work, debts, need - that's what made her strive in this field. As a rule, such nannies come to work on someone's recommendation. Sometimes mummies themselves look out for them among friends, neighbors, neighbors of familiar and familiar neighbors. Arguments "for" in these cases are good temper, accuracy, the availability of their children. But do not forget that this nanny is unlikely to sincerely love your child, because she became a nanny, not by vocation, but by need. It was brought by accidental wind to your home, and you can not be insured from all sorts of accidents: this nanny can not make independent decisions (for example, the baby became ill in your absence, and she, instead of immediately calling a doctor, will wait for the mother's return with work), will be frankly burdened by their duties and even say that she, she says, is not engaged in her own business and is generally born for a different fate. There is also another turn: the nurse sincerely becomes attached to the child, but, not being able to bring up another's kid, starts to allow everything to him, then you look with horror at the spoiled bardchuk, not immediately realizing that this is your child. Still, do not trust the fate of the child to an accidental person. There are exceptions, of course, but they are exceptions to exclude them.

Advantages: the services of this nanny can be cheaper than others. However, this is a very doubtful plus.

Disadvantages: unprofessionalism, unwillingness to work, inability to find a middle ground in the upbringing of the child.

Degree of reliability: Below normal.


Another very questionable option. There are, of course, unique girls who manage to combine work with the session and the first love, but this is still a big rarity. Usually a student takes care of the work of a nanny, treating her exclusively as a part-time job. You will receive a nanny, limited time and enthusiastic about your own interests. In addition, one day you will be able to see at home a nice young man who will be a little embarrassed at your appearance and the subsequent discovery of the lunch he has eaten (a case from personal practice!). It is unlikely that someone will like it, because the child in this situation is given very little time. And in general young girls are not serious about seriousness - no one condemns them for that, just a nanny should take their duties very responsibly and in no case neglect them. A young girl can be frightened by your negative reaction and not tell what happened to the baby in your absence - whereas an adult person will not hide if the child has fallen or poisoned ... In general, it is better not to trust the baby (especially the nursing baby) with young nannies .

Advantages: inexpensive payment for services.

Disadvantages: lack of experience, frivolity, uncomfortable schedule, attitude to work with you, as a temporary run-in.

Degree of reliability: extremely low.


You probably found it with the help of the agency and now ask yourself why they did it. Nanny-pros behaves as if she is the best in the world knows what your child needs. She constantly teaches you, interfering not only in children's, but even for some reason in your, adult affairs. She herself, however, is completely delighted. Indeed, she manages everything: from primitive swaddling to training half-year-old children to reading. Other moms ask you enviously where you found such a treasure. Her children, as a rule, love - she knows how to establish contact with them again professionally, however, children (especially very young children) will love all nannies - they do not know what other options are in contrast ... In short, if you know how to skip additional advice if you are not irritated by constant boasting and self-promotion, perhaps a nanny-pro will be the most suitable option for you. In any case, the child will be well-groomed and developed. An important point - a nanny-pro always considers payment insufficiently high and absolutely not appropriate to the luggage of her knowledge and accumulated experience.

Pluses: a nanny-pro is a jack-of-all-trades, and she really knows how to handle children. With her, you can leave the child even for a week and not worry.

Disadvantages: an inexhaustible fountain of councils against the backdrop of permanent self-glorification, a constant (and unconcealed) dissatisfaction with wages.

Degree of reliability: very high.

Méri Poppins

Если можно представить себе полную противоположность бабушке-старушке, то это именно она, Méri Poppins — няня-мечта, по сравнению с которой все мамочки превращаются в замученных миссис Бэнкс из Вишневого переулка. Méri Poppins знает и умеет все, и делает это все просто безупречно. Дети ее любят, но немного побаиваются — она никогда не балует их, полагая основой грамотного воспитания разумную строгость (даже если воспитаннику сравнялось три недели). Она не приласкает ребенка лишний раз, не пойдет на поводу его капризов, так что вы обязательно получите идеально воспитанного отпрыска. Вот только… Пусть лучше Méri Poppins придет в ваш дом чуть позже — совсем маленькому любовь и тепло нужны не меньше соблюдения режима.

Pluses: prevail. Find fault with nothing, which is somewhat annoying.

Disadvantages: excess of virtues and excessive severity.

Degree of reliability: Overcast.

Native soul

She also treats your child as if she were her own, but does not impose her own method of upbringing or caring for you - she just genuinely worries about the baby, listens to him, feels his problems and needs. From the nanny - the native soul, not one child's sickness escapes, not one of his new "skills", she will always stand guard over the interests of the baby, while knowing perfectly well that this is primarily your child. Sometimes it is typical of her to be hyper-carefree. In your opinion, it might be possible to neglect certain things, but it is difficult to argue with it - for some reason it always turns out to be right. Such nannies are equally adored by both kids and their parents. If your nanny loves your baby, experiences his illnesses as your own, but does not dissolve in your life, having your own family and interests, then you are phenomenally lucky. Take care of a nanny, do not carp at her for nothing, and remember - she is as close to the ideal. Because an ideal nanny really should only sincerely love your child. And if so, everything else will surely work out for her!

Pluses: reliability, attentiveness, sincere affection for the baby.

Disadvantages: none.

Degree of reliability: the highest possible.

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