The husband left for a business trip: the art of parting and

"A husband left for a business trip ..." For some, this phrase is the beginning of an anecdote, for others - life, often filled with emotions, fears, sadness, and maybe loneliness. Life of parting and joyful encounters. Let's sit on the path

Wives of truckers, sailors, archaeologists may not see their husbands for six months. In doing so, they retain a warm relationship in the family. Olga is tired of long lonely evenings, but understands that the other work of her husband does not fit: "He is a sailor! I knew whom I marry. Why put a man in front of such a choice: I - or the sea and your work, your hobby, your life? No, I do not want him to sacrifice like that. I'm waiting! "In such a family everything is already agreed, decided, settled.

Tatyana is horrified at any trip of her husband, even if he flies for a couple of days: "I can not even fall asleep without him. I worry all the time, like him, whether everything is good. I count the clock until he returns. And when his phone does not answer, which only does not occur! "

Victoria can not find a place for jealousy, after all, it costs her husband to leave, friends and relatives hint that "married on a business trip is free." "I trust my husband, but when you are warned all the time, different stories tell about these topics, if you want you do not want to start to keep it in your head. When the husband returns, I torture him with questions and suffer myself. "

A very common problem of business trips is, of course, jealousy. The stereotype of a man walking in another city is quite developed. But still it is not always the case. If the husband is not with the soul with you, he does not need to go to another city to be in someone else's bed. Free you can be beyond the threshold of the apartment. Constant suspicions, mistrust, checks can not but spoil relations. Therefore, if you do not want to harm yourself, try not to listen to "kind advisers" and chop off such conversations on the half-word. Just think that your husband gets an additional reason for jealousy, because you, too, are left alone. A fluttering butterfly can feel like with three children. Therefore, talk more, discuss such questions, but without reproaches, but with confidence and love.

"When you are expected in the family," says Mikhail, "it's not that on a business trip, even at work, all thoughts about one thing: finish everything - and go home!" Let your husband be sure that you are waiting for him, that you love and trust. Do you know what can be done? Put him slowly on the suitcase something tasty: an orange or a red apple. When he discovers him, he will understand that, being far away, you are near and take care of him. Maybe your child will also want to give Dad some small, but favorite toy for happiness and a good road? I think a little bunny or a tin soldier will be touched and warm your heart on a long trip.

When the dad is forced to often go on business trips and not see his child for a long time, communication is not easy to establish. It needs help from my mother. The most important thing is to let the baby understand that his dad loves him and that even there, in another city, he remains his dad. We are waiting, waiting, waiting!

So, he leaves, and we stay home. Than to be engaged, how to spend this time?

Keep in touch. With modern methods of communication, you can maintain communication all the time. However, remember that this is a business trip and her husband may have to do a lot of work in a short time. Do not distract him with endless calls and esemasks. It is enough to contact him in the morning and evening.

We put ourselves in order. A husband's business trip is the perfect time to tidy yourself up. You can network on a diet and not be tempted by dinner husband. You can spend time in the lounge or start doing exercises. Let your reflection in the mirror to the arrival of her husband be even more attractive. There is time to think about how to do it.

We enjoy loneliness. Forced loneliness can be brightened up with those things that a husband usually does for various reasons can not. Have a talk on the phone, spend time with friends, go shopping ... (To stay a little free, but to direct this freedom for the benefit of family life.To not work out, as in an anecdote: "A husband comes from a business trip, and there ...") See " again these series ", more to read fairy tales to children for the night.

When will Dad come?

When a husband leaves, it's half bad. But when my father leaves ... Father has a special role in the upbringing of the child. Mother is comfort, love, care, father is maturity, inner strength, confidence and freedom that awaits the child outside the nest. When the dad is forced to often go on business trips and not see his child, communication is not easy to establish. It needs help from my mother. The most important thing is to give the child absolute faith that his father loves him, that even there, in another city, he remains his father. You do not need to apologize for your husband, you need to explain that he is doing important work that benefits many people, that he is a professional in his business, and any case requires time and effort. It is not necessary to say that "dad is so trying for you, for your good". The child will feel guilty, annoyance and a certain burden of responsibility. Is it really true because of him, the Pope has to work at night, go on long trips and come home so tired?

To prevent the child from experiencing such feelings of guilt, you should listen to our next advice.

1) Wait for the pope together. Immediately tell the baby when he arrives. You can even bend your fingers or mark the days in the calendar.

Well, if in addition to the words: "Son, you stay for the elder! Listen to your mother, as an adult! "- Dad will think up some tasks for a child. It can be drawing, hand-made or everyday watering of flowers, feeding fish or even watching the temperature on the street.

2) Let the father prepare in advance for his beloved children letters or small gifts. If the child is small and can not read the text, let it be a message with a picture. Small surprises can be hidden in the apartment and then on the phone tell where the kid can find a sign of daddy care and love. So the little one will know that they remember him, think, yearn for. Just do not get carried away with gifts: care must be intangible.

3) Organize constant communication between the child and father. It can be talking on Skype or on the phone. If the child can not answer the call yet, talk for yourself, but tell in detail what's new with the baby, what are his successes, and give the child what the father said.

4) Despite constant departures, try to get the husband to know everything about the baby, help him to experience the happiness of raising a child more often, to be proud of him, to feel how nice to be a father.

5) Never scare the baby with your dad. Do not allow yourself phrases like: "Here's Dad come, he'll shove you!". It is convenient to use someone else's authority, but it is very wrong.

6) Do not be jealous of your husband and child. Prepare for the fact that when the day of the long-awaited return comes, the baby will hang on to his dad and will not let you even talk. If the husband comes by day and the baby does not sleep, give the opportunity to become full of communication. Do not be surprised if the toddler, already engaged in his own affairs, will resort to you to check whether his father is in place.

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