Slags of the body. cleansing the body of toxins

What is the slag of the body

body slagsAll the necessary substances for the life of the body come through two systems: respiratory and digestive. The final products of metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates are excreted from the body in four systems: respiratory (CO2 and other gaseous substances), urinary, digestive systems and skin. The excretion of metabolites of cellular metabolism, as well as their formation, proceeds in a continuous mode. The more intensive the cells work, the more end products of metabolism are formed. Often, these end products in popular literature are called "body wastes"If we look at the meaning of slag words in the explanatory dictionary of SI Ozhegov, it is a solid residue formed after smelting the metal from the ore, as well as from the burning of coal." By analogy with the human body, it is a product of productive activity (metabolism in the body) but the word "slag of the body" is not a scientific word, but it has taken root in medical practice, and often this expression can also be found in scientific articles .Slagas first accumulate in cells, intercellular space. the deduced slags accumulate in the connective tissue, fatty and bone tissues, muscles and organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, etc.) As the body cleanses, the "stored slag" is also removed from the body.

Where do the body's wastes come from?

Substances from which slags form in the human body are exogenous (internal - metabolites of cells) and endogenous (external) origin. Endogenous substances include all harmful and toxic substances that enter the human body through respiratory and digestive organs, through the skin and mucous membranes. They can be in the air, water, food, and in everything that surrounds us, with which we come into contact. These are oxides and salts of heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites, pesticides, chemical stimulants, dyes and preservatives, antibiotics, drugs, radionuclides. This includes physical factors that disrupt the metabolic processes: the effect of the electromagnetic field, vibration, noise, light exposure (UV and others).

Accumulated cell exchange products and toxic substances have a harmful effect on the body, lead to an imbalance of physiological functions, the development of various diseases.

Signs of slagging the body

body slagsThe first signs of slagging are: fatigue, fatigue, irritability, often headache. Later, when slagging increases, there is an allergic reaction, fever, mucosal lesions (rhinitis, conjunctivitis) and skin (changes in color, dryness, inflammation of the sebaceous glands, etc.). In the future, if the slags can not be removed, organ damage develops (gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and other diseases up to malignant tumors).

Nature has endowed man with a unique system of self-defense. Therefore, even when the first signs of slagging appear, the appetite disappears, you just want to drink, physical and psychological rest, which helps the excretory systems remove slags.

However, the best way cleansing the body of toxins is the prevention of their education, i.e. Self-restraint, self-improvement, self-control. But how can you refuse cigarettes, alcohol, strong tea, coffee, a rich supper in the company, gluttony and other excesses. Then, willy-nilly or involuntarily, you will have to cleanse the body of toxins.

Методы cleansing the body of toxins

body slagsМетодов cleansing the body of toxins очень много. Необходимо помнить, что в выделительной системе организма существует координирующая и регуляторная связь, которая при нарушении функции одной системы ведет к изменению активности другой системы. Например, при заболевании почек, уменьшается выведение азотистых соединений с мочой, увеличивается их выделение через желудочно-кишечный тракт и кожу. При избыточном выведении жидкости через кожу, потовыделение при высокой температуре или физической нагрузке, снижается объем мочи, выделяемой почками.

Therefore, choosing the methods of purification, the sequence of their conduct, one must be guided by the functional importance of the system and the degree of its contamination.

At the first stage, cleansing of the body of toxins should begin with the stomach, intestines, liver and lungs. In the second stage, the kidneys, blood, lymph, vessels, and skin are cleaned. In the third stage, the joints and connective tissue are cleansed.

Purification of the stomach

Purification of the stomach (промывание) проводится при попадании в желудок недоброкачественной пищи, токсических веществ, ядовитых грибов, алкоголя и другие. Главная цель этой процедуры не допустить поступление содержимого желудка в кишечник. Пострадавшему предлагается выпить чистой воды комнатной температуры до 2 л или до появления рвоты. Если рвота не появилась, то нужно надавить на корень языка, чтобы вызвать рвотный рефлекс. Иногда помогает появлению рвоты надавливание в поджелудочной области. Если эти меры не приводят к успеху, то нужно ввести желудочный зонд, и через лейку вливая и выливая воду достигнуть полного очищения желудка.


body slagsIn the small intestine, chopped and moistened food quickly moves into the large intestine. Here, the movement of the food masses sharply slows down, the microbial digestion of food joins. In the large intestine there is an intense absorption of water, and with it toxic substances. Thus, with the cleansing of the large intestine, the first task is to remove the toxic products of decay from the intestine, to prevent their absorption.

The procedure for cleansing the large intestine is as follows: take 2 liters of boiled water at room temperature, in which we add one tablespoon of lemon juice, table vinegar, or juice of any acidic fruit, to preserve the acid-base balance of the intestine. The solution is poured into Esmarch's mug, the tip is lubricated with vaseline, vegetable oil and a cleansing enema is made. To do this, take a knee-elbow position and carefully insert the tip to a depth of 5-10 cm, while relaxing your stomach, breathe deeply. When there is a urge on the stool, stop the injection of fluid, release the intestines. Procedures are conducted at a convenient time, two hours before bedtime: 1 week - daily, 2 - every other day, 3 - two days later, 4 - three days, 5 - once a week. Such a cycle is carried out 1-2 times a year, depending on the degree of slagging of the organism.

Cleansing the liver

General weakness, malaise, poor appetite, bitterness in the mouth, the appearance of pigment spots on the skin, hemorrhagic sprouts along the body, irritability, bad sleep, all these are signals of a slagged liver. if during it to not help or assist, in the subsequent can develop zhelchekamennaja illness, a hepatitis.

Methods of cleaning the liver and gallbladder

3 days before the procedure, you must eat plant food or apples. On the day of the procedure, drink a glass of apple juice in the morning and make an enema. 1-2 hours before the start of the procedure, put a heating pad with warm water on the liver area. You can start the procedure in 3 hours. Prepare two glasses: one with any vegetable oil - 200 ml, the other - with fresh lemon juice, or cranberry, or juice of gooseberry. If there is no juice, you can dilute citric acid in water to a pleasant acidic consistency (teaspoon per 200 ml of water). Preliminary it is necessary to preheat the butter and juice to 30-35 degrees. Drinking two sips of oil, washed down with two sips of juice. After 10-15 minutes, if there is no nausea, repeat it several times until all the oil and juice is drunk. We continue to keep the hot water bottle in the liver for 5 hours. In the morning make a cleansing enema and drink a glass of apple juice. For lunch and dinner, eat vegetable food. The next day we turn to porridge on the water and gradually expand the menu. After 5 days, go to normal diet.

Для снятия спазма печеночных протоков и улучшения выведения токсинов из печени, перед началом процедуры можно выпить 2 таблетки но-шпы. Через две недели при необходимости процедуру можно повторить. Для полного очищения желательно провести 2-3 процедуры, а в последующем достаточно одной процедуры в год. Cleansing the liver дает значительное улучшение общего самочувствия, ощущения легкости в правом подреберье, улучшение цвета кожи, повышается жизненный тонус. Нельзя делать чистку печени указанным методом при сахарном диабете, острых заболеваниях внутренних органов, при сильном переутомлении, стрессах, беременности и кормлении грудью, при наличии камней в желчном пузыре.

Cleansing of the lungs

На первом этапе cleansing the body of toxins важно провести очищение органов дыхания. Среди множества процедур по очищению органов дыхания: употребление специальных настоев и отваров из трав, растирание и компрессы грудной клетки, ингаляции. Наиболее эффективной и простой является дыхательная гимнастика. Разработаны уникальные методики А.Н. Стрельниковой, Бутейко, с которыми можно подробно познакомиться в специальных центрах, работающих по этим методикам. Вам предлагаються несколько простых breathing exercises, which will help clear the respiratory system.

  • Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart. We take a deep breath through the nose, hands raise. Exhalation passes passively through an open mouth or nose, hands are pressed to the body. We exercise exercises freely, without easily forcing the exhale for 10 minutes. If you feel dizzy or tired, stop exercising.
  • Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, hands along the trunk. We sat down, knees to the sides, back straight, hands lifted up and take a deep breath through the nose. Returning to the starting position, making an active exhalation through the mouth, lips with a tube with a noise. Do the exercise in a comfortable rhythm for 10 minutes.
  • The legs are slightly bent at the knees, the body is tilted to the floor, the head slightly raised (the pose of the jumper in the water). Right hand in a circular motion, as when swimming forward forward, turning his head to the right, take a deep breath through his nose. We also do with the left hand, turn our head to the left, we exhale through the nose. So alternately "swim" without physical exertion, following the breath for 10 minutes.

Do exercises in the morning and evening in a ventilated room, without physical stress. All attention is directed to the performance of inspiration and exhalation. After a month, a break is done for 10 days, and a second course is conducted within two months.

Cleansing of the kidneys, lymph, blood, liver

body slagsThe kidneys maintain the constancy of the composition and volume of the extracellular fluid, thus ensuring the normal functioning of the cells. During the day 170 liters of liquid are filtered in the kidneys, 1.5 liters are excreted in the form of urine, and 99% is reabsorbed. With the urine, the final products of protein digestion, urea, uric acid, creatinine, oxalic acid and others are deduced. Excess consumption of meat food, poor quality water, infection in the kidneys can lead to impaired renal function, the formation of sand, kidney stones, pyelonephritis, chronic cyst.

Cleansing of the kidneys should be done only after cleansing the intestines and liver.

Cleansing the kidney according to N. Walker

We take 10 parts of freshly prepared carrot juice, 3 parts of beetroot and 3 parts of cucumber, mix and drink on an empty stomach a glass of juice, an hour before dinner and in the evening 2 hours before sleep for two weeks. at this time we refuse meat food. In a week we repeat the course.

Purification of the liver with watermelon

Such cleaning is carried out in autumn during the ripening season of watermelons. For two weeks, watermelons are used along with black bread. Use watermelons when you want to eat or drink. In the evening after 17 hours we take a warm bath. Heat expands the urinary tract, relieves spasms. Watermelon causes increased urination, active diuresis.

Purification of blood according to V. Vostokov

100 ml of apple juice antonov mix with 100 ml of juice of nettle, we drink before breakfast for 30 minutes, for 20 days. After a 10-day break, we repeat the course.

Purification of lymph by Walker

200 g of lemon juice, 400 g of grapefruit juice, 400 g of orange juice mixed with 1 liter of distilled water, we drink in the morning, in the evening we do a cleansing enema. The procedure is done two days, once a year. Grapefruit juice can be substituted for cranberry juice, orange-apple from sweet varieties.