Progesterone with a delay in menstruation

Progesterone for monthly calls

Progesterone for monthly calls

Progesterone with a delay in menstruation is often given. This active substance, a synthetic hormone, is available as a solution for injections and tablets. The first option is preferred by old-school doctors. It's fast and reliable. But you should prescribe yourself progesterone, even if the doctor once prescribed it to you in such a situation, it's not worth it. And that's why.

The reasons for the delay in menstruation can be in the coming pregnancy. In this case, progesterone will not cause harm. However, for the purpose of calling menstruation, he is drunk or pricked according to an unfavorable scheme for the development of pregnancy - it takes several days, then it is canceled. When progesterone is canceled for a monthly call, bleeding begins after 2-7 days. If this is done during pregnancy, there may be a threat of miscarriage. During pregnancy, it should be taken only on strict indications, if there is spotting, pain. And you can cancel preparations only after a few weeks, and do it gradually lowering the dosage.

Progesterone and djufaston with delay of monthly it is necessary to start to accept only just having made sure that in a uterus the fetal egg does not develop. If the menstruation is regular, the cycle of the usual length is 28-35 days, then the first day of the delay can make a test. The appearance of a fuzzy but noticeable second stripe of pink color should be regarded as a positive result. If there is a possibility and desire - you can take a blood test for HCG. This analysis shows the correct result before the delay. But to visit a doctor for a gynecological examination is useless until the doctor can tell exactly whether there is a pregnancy. The same ultrasound - in the first week of delay the fetal egg can not be found in the uterus. It is all the more futile to try to find some signs of pregnancy, to measure the basal temperature, which, after conception, supposedly should be kept at the level of 37 and slightly degrees. This is not always the case, it depends on many factors.

If you are interested in how to prick progesterone to cause a menses during pregnancy - you are forced to grieve. After the removal of progesterone, bleeding may occur, but there is a very small chance that a complete miscarriage will occur. For the purpose of abortion, another drug, a progesterone antagonist, is taken. But it is not on sale. Such a service is provided by many clinics and is called medical abortion.

If you want to know how to trigger a monthly progesterone, if pregnancy is not exactly - it is best to find out from the doctor. Usually enough to make three injections in a row within three days. Menstruation will begin in three days. And you can not prick anything and do not take it, but wait a little until the menstruation starts. You can wait up to about a month.