Photos in facebook saved the 3-year-old girl's eyesight

Facebook users paid attention to the unusual color of the baby's eyes in the photo and advised her mother to see a doctor. This helped to identify the ophthalmic disease in the girl and save her eyesight.

Tara Taylor, a resident of Memphis, Tennessee, has published a photo of her daughter Rilee (Rylee) in the famous social network Facebook. As reported by Memphis News 3 (Memphis' News 3), she just wanted to share a photo on which her daughter is engraved with lovely bows in her hair. But the friends of the young mom on the social network noticed that the girl's left eye looks strange, and advised to turn to the ophthalmologist.

"I just wrote Tara in the comments under the photo that maybe it's all in the flash, but with Riley's eye something really can be wrong," says Stacy Carter, a friend of the young mother.

Tara Taylor immediately turned to specialists. The fears of friends were confirmed: the baby was diagnosed with Coates disease. This disease is characterized by edema and widening of the eye capillaries, which further leads to detachment of the retina and blindness. Diagnosis of Coates disease in children is difficult, since the disease is not accompanied by pain and no complaints are received from young patients, as in the case of Riley.

A three-year-old baby was diagnosed with a second stage of the disease (five in all). The "yellow eye" in the photographs is just an indicator of this degree. According to Dr. George Calzada (Jorge Calzada), an ophthalmologist specializing in retinal surgery, the baby's disease was caused by a scratch on the retina.

Now the baby with her mother regularly visits the doctor. This case proves that social networks serve not only for entertainment, but really help people.

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