Our son is afraid of donating blood!

Our daughter (3 months 7 months) is very afraid of donating blood from a finger: no persuasion does not help, we barely drag him into the office, we hold the threesome. Could you please tell us how to set up a child?

Many children are afraid of medical procedures. The reasons can be very different: memories of a previous unpleasant experience of receiving medical care; anxiety of parents, which is passed on to the child; the child's unwillingness to what is expected of him at a doctor's appointment, and others.

There are different ways to overcome the fear associated with medical procedures. Informing the child plays an important role. It is important that the daughter knows in advance that she will have a visit to the doctor. Explain in an accessible language, for which it will take blood from the finger, why it is important and how it will happen. Do not promise that the procedure will be painless - so you will undermine the confidence of your child. Think together what can help to cope with the fear: you can suggest taking your favorite toy with you, holding your hand in the doctor's office. Be sure to support your daughter during and after the procedure. Remember that your own calmness and confidence are very important to her. After visiting the clinic, if the daughter will feel good, you can plan some pleasant pastime that will help relieve tension.

Many children are easier to prepare for an unpleasant event, if they lose it in advance. Organize with your daughter a game in the clinic. Let her first be in the role of doctor or nurse, and you - in the role of the patient. You can "treat" the toys, reproducing in the game the usual reception in the clinic and making the necessary manipulations: examination, prescription of medicines, vaccinations, etc. If the daughter is ready, then you can switch roles - so that you or any of the toys doctor, and she is a patient.

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