Nicotine addiction

nicotine addictionNicotine dependence, or simply smoking - is one of the many types of substance abuse that causes both physical and psychological dependence, due to a strong craving for nicotine. Nicotine dependence is considered to be the most widespread and well-known in the world dependence, nicotine is legalized, which contributes to the growth of the number of smokers. Nowadays every second teenager smokes, considering this habit harmless, not bringing any strong damage to the body, but this is not so. Smoking is considered to be one of the most terrible habits, as young people start to smoke at a very young age, showing their independence and adulthood, which eventually develops into nicotine addiction. No matter how many lectures and lessons about a healthy lifestyle and the dangers of smoking in school, every second schoolboy at least once, and will try to make a few puffs innocuous, at first glance, cigarettes, because it is much easier to get it than some other drug . Huge sums of money revolve around the tobacco business, which does not allow states to accept the rejection of this dark matter, because tobacco smoking, we repeat, is the most widespread in the world, and if we pass a law on the abolition of its legal imports, the economies of the countries will drop drastically. Therefore, despite the harm of nicotine, it continues to thrive in our markets.

Causes of development of nicotine addiction

  • First of all, it is worth noting that smoking mothers during pregnancy. During this period, their future children are predisposed to the development of nicotine addiction. Sometimes there are cases when children are born with nicotine addiction, and to calm them, it is worthwhile to smoke, being with them, that the child would receive a dose of nicotine in his undeveloped organism.
  • In families where parents smoke, the child also risks becoming dependent on nicotine, since passive smoking does not harm the health less than the active one. Some experts even argue that passive smoking is much worse for the body than for the passive.
  • An important reason for the development of nicotine dependence in a child is also the example of imitators and adults, primarily parents. If parents smoke in the family, there is a high probability that their child will smoke.
  • Well, finally, do not forget about the period of formation of personality in adolescence, when everything wants to try. So the influence of peers, in this period of development is very important for a teenager, not to lag behind their peers - friends.

Symptoms of nicotine dependence

First of all, the smell. Nicotine has a very unpleasant odor that is characteristic only of him. One of the first and main signs of smoking. Pay attention, how things smell of your child, arms, hair and body, it can tell you a lot. Research in special centers that deal with these issues, found that within a month enough to smoke only about seven cigarettes, that would develop nicotine dependence in adolescents. If a person wants to smoke, it means that he is addicted, the very desire expresses that dependence, and if he does not smoke another cigarette and does not get the right dose of nicotine in his young organism, he will be irritable and nervous, it will be easy to start and annoyed over trifles. Similarly, nicotine has a bad effect on memory.

Diagnosis of nicotine dependence

diagnosis and treatment of nicotine addictionIf a teenager wants to smoke at least one cigarette a day, this is already the reason for establishing a diagnosis of nicotine addiction.

Treatment of nicotine addiction

As such, the treatment of nicotine addiction to this day, no, that is, drugs that once and for all can force a smoker to leave this business. Some doctors, with the goal of making money on this addictive habit, come up with various plasters, teas, pills that supposedly help stop smoking, but, alas, all these subjects can not once and for all force a teenager - a smoker to abandon this habit. Today, many experts suggest reading their books that help to reach the conclusion that smoking is not a necessary habit, not bringing any benefit, this is some motivation for the smoker, explaining not so much about the dangers of smoking as simply about its nonsense. The teenager should reach the conclusion himself, whether it is necessary for him, and the book helps, just as a psychologist can come to help. After all, the desire of the smoker himself to quit smoking is the main method, so called, of treatment. Without desire, there will be no result.

Prevention of nicotine addiction

The primary and most influential method for preventing nicotine dependence in a child, first of all, is a sample of his parents. If parents do not smoke, and do not give such an example, the likelihood that the child can also smoke, also decreases sharply. A healthy lifestyle for parents is a guarantee of success. Go in for sports with your child, find him a hobby that will interest him and take his spare time, you can also connect to this kind of occupation and his friends, so it will be even more interesting and better, because in frequent cases, smoking starts from idleness.

Explain to your child that the circle of communication with people for whom smoking and alcohol is the basis in life and nothing else, to anything good, will not lead, just do not prohibit, but tactfully explain and inform, let it reach the conclusion. Just hold conversations not so much about harm as about the consequences of smoking, what diseases can arise due to, and what can be the result. Pay attention to the friends of your child, their hobbies, as well as their way of life. The main thing and the main thing, love your child, take care of it, and success is assured to you.