Means against thrush

When money from thrush can help, and when not

Effective anti-yeast drugs in womenMeans against thrush find - it's simple. But why sometimes they do not help? The reason is in poor medicine or immunity of the body? To understand such situations, you need to know where the vaginal candidiasis comes from, he is a "thrush", what are his symptoms and on what basis the doctor can make such a diagnosis.

Fungi of the genus Candida are conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. They are present in small amounts in the microflora of the vagina of almost every woman of reproductive age. This is normal. At the same time, the number of lactobacilli should be much larger. Lactobacilli are good microorganisms, protectors of microflora from infectious pathogens. If they become smaller, fungi of the Candida species become more active and they have to select medicines against thrush.

Symptoms of this disease are abundant, white thick discharge from the vagina. In this case, the labia become inflamed, and a white coating may form on them. Itching feels strong, and the secretions have a sour smell. Such symptomatology is an occasion to pass gynecological smears.

But even with a clear picture of vaginal candidiasis, at the first reception the doctor does not call effective remedies against thrush in women, since the diagnosis is not made without clinical confirmation - the disease-relevant test results. A microscopic, culture test can be carried out. Sometimes it is required to give a smear by the method of PCP, if it is necessary to know the type of Candida fungi, this study is topical at low efficacy of the prescribed treatment. However, PCR is a rather expensive, although very accurate, method of investigation. But because of its high cost in the case of vaginal candidiasis is rarely used.

It should be noted that even the best remedy for thrush can not help if the cause of the inflammatory reaction are not Candida fungi, or not only them, but also other microorganisms. In many cases, it is necessary to prescribe not antifungal drugs, but complex ones - with an antifungal and antibacterial component.

Also, if you consider that the doctor can not recommend medicinal or even folk remedies against thrush at home, only on the basis of the presence of these microorganisms in the vagina. As we wrote earlier, they are normal there. Their number is important. However, it is not necessary to measure it, because if the Candida fungi are actively multiplying, the woman has a vivid symptomatology of vaginal candidiasis. If there is no symptomatology, treatment is not required. That is, to begin treatment for candidiasis, two conditions must be met:

  • the presence of a symptomatic disease;
  • a picture of candida in a vaginal mask.

It should be noted that treatment with these two conditions is mandatory. There are safe means against thrush for pregnant women and ladies not in position. Future mothers can not especially turn a blind eye to candidiasis, because he, like any other infection, is potentially dangerous to the fetus.