Interruption of pregnancy with milk with iodine

Is it possible to interrupt pregnancy by drinking milk with iodine

Interruption of pregnancy with milk with iodineInterruption of pregnancy with milk with iodine has been increasingly sought in recent years. This popular way is gaining popularity due to the transmission of rumors by word of mouth and questionable recommendations on the Internet.

In fact, iodine with milk during pregnancy can cause a lot of severe consequences for the body of a girl who has nothing to do with the interruption of pregnancy. Another issue is that if a young lady is in a very serious condition in a hospital, she will not be talking about the preservation of the child, the doctors will fight for the life of the grief-mommy.

What makes young girls expose themselves to mortal danger, and seek an answer to the question of how to take iodine with milk? First of all, fear and uncertainty. And a complete lack of understanding of physiological processes. Sharing "experience" and asking in the network questions to girlfriends in misfortune, the girls learn from each other how to cause monthly for a period of 25 weeks folk remedies. What are they monthly? This is already premature birth, at this time the doctors can already fight for the life of the baby. And if the pregnancy is normal, and the body is strong, no attempt at an independent abortion will not lead to its cessation.

And was there a pregnancy?

When a young girl or a teenager at all detects a delay in menstruation, she starts thinking of pregnancy with horror. But in young girls, the menstrual cycle has not yet been established. And the reason for delaying menstruation can be stress, physical fatigue, illness. Often, the onset of sexual activity or the change of partner cause a delay in menstruation.

Before you beat the alarm, you need to buy a regular pharmacy test for pregnancy. You can conduct such a test from the first day of the delay. It is designed to contain enough hormone hCG in the urine of a pregnant woman by this time. The test can determine pregnancy for a day or two before the proposed menstruation, but not before. By the way, no examination of the doctor, no ultrasound will not show pregnancy at an earlier date. Only a blood test for HCG, but to do it you need a doctor's referral, or money (if you pass without a referral).

Many stories that milk and iodine against pregnancy "helped" are based on the fact that the girl discovered a delay in her period, decided that she had drunk this terrible cocktail in a position, and after a while the menstruation began. Only there was no pregnancy, the menses began on their own.

If the test says "yes"

If the presence of pregnancy is confirmed by the test, in no case should you try to get rid of it yourself. Girls believe that by using one of the "folk ways", they can solve the problem, and no one will know anything.

In fact, the reality is that there are three possible ways of development of events.

If there was no pregnancy, and the people's way allegedly provoked monthly, the girl is provided with problems with her own health.

If the pregnancy was, and independent attempts still caused bleeding, to hide their position from their parents will not succeed, since bleeding caused at home will be breakthrough and will not stop on their own. Girls after such attempts are regularly hospitalized in hospitals in extremely serious condition.

Another scenario is equally terrible. Attempting to terminate a pregnancy does not lead to spontaneous abortion, but the harm to the health of the child and mother is irreparable. Perhaps parents, after learning about what happened, persuade the girl to save the child, but he will not be healthy anymore. Such experiments in the early stages of pregnancy lead to severe disabilities in the development of the baby.

Iodine and milk - a cure for children

How does iodine and milk work during pregnancy? To begin with, the effect of iodine on the body is very significant. With its obvious shortage, mentally retarded children can be born, pregnancy can be interrupted independently even on a long term. That is, iodine during pregnancy is necessary for the body, but its deficiency is not so terrible as an overdose. The alcohol solution of iodine is generally not suitable for internal use. It is toxic. Possible burn of internal organs, burn and necrosis (death) of the tissues of the esophagus and stomach. In addition, the effect of such an amount of iodine toxic form leads to irreversible changes in the thyroid gland and catastrophic disruption of the body's hormonal balance.

Repeated consumption of milk with iodine, most likely, will cause pregnancy to die. The fetus will die in the womb, and the woman still faces an abortion, but the consequences of the stay of the dead fetus may be the most deplorable. How often mistakes of youth lead to a severe form of infertility. In addition to pregnancy stagnation, inflammation of many internal organs is possible, which will be accompanied by vomiting with blood, bleeding from the urinary tract and disruption of the heart.

Leaders in terms of the number of deaths is a bath with mustard and jumping from a height. Those who try to carry out abortion with folk remedies, destroy not only their child, but also risk their own lives. After all, girls often take huge doses of herbal infusions and other dubious drugs to surely achieve results.

Is it possible to think that the girl will have more death or disability than her unwanted pregnancy? Ask for help from others. And if a decision is made about an abortion, only a qualified doctor can conduct it. This can be done free of charge in the direction of the clinic. And doctors will keep the doctor's secret.