How to wake a child - a "drowsy"

A pleasant morning awakening is a pledge of a good day, but for many babies early recovery is difficult. How, without haste and mutual hassle, to push the crumb to active activity and make for him the beginning of a new day kind and affectionate?

Remember the saying "Raise - raised, but forgotten"? Something like this may happen in the morning and with your child. The fact is that during sleep all the processes in the body slow down and after lifting it takes some time to "swing". Given this circumstance, lay in the morning schedule 15-20 additional minutes for a quiet awakening and leisurely fees. In addition, children's psychologists believe that parents should take into account the biorhythms of the baby.

The biological clock

Biorhythms are laid at a time when the baby is in the abdomen of the mother. They fully manifest themselves by the end of the first month of life of the crumbs and from this time determine when it is convenient to wake up, eat, play, walk, etc. Thus, the biological clock is not the acquired habit of man, but its feature fixed on the genetic level. In accordance with the biorhythms of children, as well as adults, can be divided into "owls", "pigeons" and "larks". "Larks" go to bed early and wake up early, "owls" often flirt late in the evening, they are difficult to put on time on the bed, in the morning they wake up slowly and with difficulty. "Pigeons" easily adapt to the average mode of the day. Problems with the morning rise arise precisely in "owls."

The morning spent in a hurry and quarrels, can spoil the mood for the whole day. To avoid this, accustom the crumb in advance, in the evening, to prepare your own clothes and toys. Read this topic: In which extremes do mothers fall? Morning rituals

To facilitate this transition from sleeping to wakefulness, psychologists recommend together with him to invent a ritual that facilitates early ascent. They can become a certain sequence of activities that are pleasant for the baby. For example, first turn on the low volume music that likes crumbs, then - muffled light, then gently kiss the baby, say sweet words, lightly massage his hands and feet. When the "owl" opened its eyes, wrap it in a bathrobe, water it with warm cocoa or compote and slowly tell about plans for the upcoming day. Fantasy and imagination play will be very even to the point. Thus, you gradually and gradually awaken the child and adjust it to the working mood.

To the baby woke up, you can call him gently, stroke your hair, and for about 10 minutes before awakening, move the curtains in the bedroom to make it lighter. If you want to use the alarm clock, please note that the call should be pleasant, but not sleepy and loud enough for the child to hear through the dream.

The second option - choose together with the baby a toy that will go with him and get up. Your karapuz will be her mother or father for her and will also raise her in the morning. For example, to wake up, clothe, feed, etc. New responsibilities involuntarily will force the karapuza to wake up early and spend less time on "rocking".

If the child does not mind, do with it in the morning usual charging under invigorating music, then proceed to water procedures. Contrast shower or washing is not only tempered, but also helps the baby to finally wake up. Read on this topic: Lark-child: how to sleep in the morning longer Regime severity

It is very important for difficult to wake up kids mode of the day. "Soviata" can play until night, but by looking at your son or daughter, you can easily catch the moment when the child becomes slightly inhibited, sleepy. This is a signal: the biological clock has worked, it's time to go to bed. Parents have a maximum of half an hour for all hygiene procedures. If the karapuz "stayed" this time, it will be difficult for him to fall asleep on time. It is also important in what mood the little one went to bed. Going to sleep should take place in a relaxed atmosphere with a mandatory kiss at night and other rituals common to the younger member of the family.

Ideally, the child should fall asleep and wake up at the same time all the time. The designed schedule should not be violated even on weekends and holidays. But if you departed from it, you should gradually return to the working rhythm of life.

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