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How to breastfeed

Many young parents in one way or another face the problem of infant sleep.

Ekaterina Kostyan, city of Zaporozhye

Sleep of a baby

Hand child

Six months ago I became the mother of a wonderful, healthy and pretty girl, whom we called Olechka. It was a very welcome and long-awaited child, nevertheless, to many difficulties that arose with the birth of my treasure, I was simply not ready. Our main difficulty was just a dream.

The first days after the birth of Olechka, as expected to a child of her age, gradually plunged into sleep during the meal, and then quietly moved to her crib. At night, of course, it was not easy, because the child required a breast every two hours. Then the idea of ​​a joint dream did not come to my mind, so I patiently got up several times a night, fed, shifted, rocked. Sleep, thus, was at best 4-5 hours per night.

But it was, as they say, still flowers ... Now I can not remember the moment, from which Olechka (and she was then about 2 weeks old) suddenly refused to sleep in the crib. First day, and then night. Sucking his chest, the child sladko slept, but when you try to put him in the crib with a cry woke up. So the period of "manual" sleep began.

For Olechka was not fundamentally important, on whose hands to sleep. Not necessarily on my mother's - it's possible on dad's or grandmother's. All attempts to put the daughter in the crib, the stroller, the cradle, on the parental ottoman ended the same way: the girl woke up at most after 10 minutes.

What was the way out? At night, naturally, I began to take Olechka to my bed, while ensuring her full physical contact (Olechka slept either on my stomach, or leaning on my elbow and huddled against my chest). But what to do in the afternoon? After all, the need for a child in the daytime sleep has not been canceled!

Tired of unsuccessful attempts to put the child, I took the path of least resistance: I began to hold the sleeping Olechka on my hands. I understood that the girl needed to sleep, albeit in this way. It was easier for me to do this than to soothe a child crying with fatigue and lack of sleep. Together with the sleeping Olechka I tried to rest myself. She could take a nap, putting it on her stomach, could have her in her arms, watch TV, talk on the phone, read. As a result, I was tired much less than when I was trying to put Olechka to sleep the whole day.

However, in this situation, my household was in a deplorable state - thanks to relatives helped. Then I decided that we need to look for another way out.


To begin with, I asked myself two questions: why does the child want to sleep only on his hands and where, when and how else could the child sleep?

It was not necessary to think over the first question for a long time. Naturally, it was about the child's anxiety, about his need for safety. Before me was the task of paying off my daughter's fear and showing that during sleep (not on my hands) nothing terrible will happen to her: she will not be abandoned, she will not be lost.

The second question concerned the conditions under which Olechka preferred to sleep. We thought: after all, on a walk in a carriage, the girl sleeps perfectly and does not ask for her hands! And he refuses to sleep on the balcony. So, for a sound sleep she needs not only air, but also movement.

Without thinking for a long time, we built a cradle so popular in the old days on a glass balcony: a hook was attached to which the carrying cot was hung. Every day I tried to put Olechka on the balcony at the same time. The first time I had to rock her for a long time, and she slept as a result of 15-20 minutes. But it was not important to me. My main task was to show my daughter that sleeping in a cradle is not painful or scary. For this, I kept the basic rule: I approached Olechka as soon as she woke up. I did not allow a situation in which a child would call me a cry: after waking up and not seeing my mother, Olechka could be frightened, and then all my attempts to teach her to sleep separately would come to naught.

Gradually Olga was accustomed to the cradle, she did not have to rock: it was enough to put it, after falling asleep after feeding, into the cradle and hang the cradle on the hook on the balcony. Then Olechka agreed to sleep in the same cradle in the room (in the frost, sickness or at night). In the cradle, she felt calmer than in the crib, she was comfortable in a small space (we begin to learn the crib only now). In the evening Olya fell asleep in the cradle, and at night I took it to myself, since a joint sleep greatly facilitated night feeding. So by 3 months the problem with sleep was solved.