Funny and serious aphorisms about children

The best aphorism is one that is perceived not as a revelation but as a thought that has been for a long time in your head, but not formulated: "That's it, and I thought so!" And, if to aphorisms about children to approach from this point they can not only clarify some unobvious things to their parents or just have fun, but also help in raising a child.

We have collected statements for you that will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. Wise - will make you think and certainly agree, and funny - will cause a smile and even a smirk.

Advice from Congratulating your friend - the same as you, mom - on your birthday, mother's day or the birth of a baby, give a card with one of the most amusing or serious aphorisms. She will certainly appreciate the originality and personality of the gift! Wise aphorisms about children
  • Take care of your children's tears so that they can shed them on your grave.
  • We all come from childhood.
  • In a round room the child is not really educated.
  • Fools are foolish, blind people blind who are not raised children.
  • Childhood - this is when you are happy with the bought bike, as you will not rejoice in the future bought cars ...
  • Childhood strives for life, adolescence tries it, adolescent revels in it, mature age tastes it, old age pities it, senility gets used to it.
  • Children are the flowers of life!
  • Children share grief with their parents, joy - with their peers.
  • Childhood is when your age can be shown on your fingers.
  • Children disgrace us when people behave in a way that we behave at home.
  • Childhood ends when there are memories that cause sadness.
  • Childhood is a state that can not be returned, but it is possible to fall.
  • Children listen more attentively when they are not talking with them.
  • Childhood is a kingdom where no one dies.
  • Children and fools always tell the truth.
  • If children did not ask questions, they would never know how little parents know.
  • If childhood is a disease, then the only cure is time.
  • We love our children too much and too few of our parents.
  • Do not make a child of an idol: when he grows up, he will demand victims.
  • A child is not a vessel that needs to be filled, but a fire that needs to be ignited (Eastern wisdom).
  • The biggest misconception of childhood - we thought that being adults is great.
  • With age, people do not stop playing, just toys are becoming more expensive and more dangerous.
  • Most often of the most special children grow up ordinary adults.
Funny aphorisms about children

A selection of funny aphorisms will cheer up any happy parent. Do you prepare a family holiday? Arrange a quiz among moms and dads "Who will finish the aphorism?" And suggest guessing the ending of the phrase. We assure, it will be fun! After all, witty and unexpected options, the more based on their own parental experience, can be quite a lot. And if someone has turned out the aphorism is funnier, sharper and brighter than the original, then be sure to write it down. When the author of the statement has a birthday or there is another special occasion, hand him his own aphorism framed. Such a gift will be remembered forever!

  • That's who should not have children, so it's parents.
  • Education - the process of eliminating personal defects in their children.
  • It is much easier to become a father than to remain a father.
  • Devil's offspring is a child who behaves like your own, but was born into a neighbor's family.
  • Children are the flowers of life. And they also need pots.
  • Even the dullest room is decorated with children ... beautifully arranged in the corners ...
  • Childhood is a time when you do not think about it.
  • Children are all insane. That's why they do not go crazy.
  • Love your grandchildren - they will take revenge on children ...
  • A real childhood is when you run from the toilet, and you are glad that you have not been eaten!
  • Do not just put the kids on their feet, especially in the early morning.
  • Remember! Left unattended, small children very quickly become small parents!
  • The child is the only thing in the house that has to be washed by hand.
  • Parents are so simple in the device that even children can manage them.
  • The most pleasant thing in children is the process of their production.
  • An honest child loves not dad and mom, but ice cream.
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