Endometriosis and pregnancy

Is pregnancy possible with endometriosis

Is pregnancy possible with endometriosisEndometriosis and pregnancy - can it develop against the background of this pathology? Let's consider the main negative consequences of this disease.

Let's start with the fact that the disease itself arises because of the ingress of endometrial cells - the tissue that must be located exclusively in the uterus, into other organs, and the formation of endometrial foci from them. What in it can be terrible? The fact is that while the woman has not extinguished the menstrual function, blood will also be released from these foci during critical days. Women can have blood from the nose, eyes, but more often there are small internal bleedings, which are dangerous inflammatory process, taking place on the site of blood clusters. In addition, the foci of the endometrium, expanding, form a spike, including in the fallopian tubes and the cervical canal. In the ovaries endometrioid cysts are formed. This leads to the impossibility of fertilization of the ovum, and ectopic pregnancy. A normal uterine pregnancy after endometriosis may not occur ...

But, if it comes, it immediately solves a lot of problems, because the easiest way to get rid of this ailment is to get rid of menstruation. Thus, it is possible to treat endometriosis with pregnancy, without taking any medications.

And yet, it is better to plan a child immediately or to get treatment first? What do the doctor's say? Much depends on the stage of spread of the disease. For example, light stages in treatment do not need, since they do not give any unpleasant symptoms and do not cause infertility. Suspend the spread of the disease can be through oral contraceptives. This helps not only to adjust the menstrual cycle, but in many cases to reduce the soreness of the menstrual cycle. In the light stages of endometriosis, its foci are no larger than 5 mm in size.

But it is not necessary to find out whether pregnancy is possible in endometriosis, in the case of its foci more than 1.5-2 cm in size. They can be removed in different ways, depending on the location. The most commonly used method is laparoscopy. With minimal trauma, the doctor removes large foci, if necessary, removes adhesions, which can also interfere with conception, and, worse, provoke a delay in fertilization of the fertilized egg in the fallopian tube - an ectopic pregnancy. It is also very dangerous combination of endometritis and pregnancy, the name of the disease is consonant with endometriosis, but it has other causes, treatment and consequences. To put it briefly, it is the inflammation of the inner layer of the uterus, which results from infection. Treatment is carried out with anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics.

Other problems may occur with the combination of endometriosis of the cervix and pregnancy. If the foci of the disease are large, they can lead to scar changes on the cervix, and this, in turn, will become one of the reasons for its ruptures in childbirth. Outbreaks in some cases are recommended to be removed a few months before pregnancy planning. And the radio wave method, laser removal or cryodestruction is used for this. Endometriosis of the uterus does not develop during pregnancy.