Computer addiction

Dependence on the computerComputer addiction is an irresistible, obsessive desire to use a computer. The child can not move away from the computer in time. Computer dependency is most often combined with Internet addiction and game addiction. This is because the computer uses a computer for communication, games, web surfing, searching the Internet for information, watching movies, listening to audio, and so on.

Causes of the development of computer dependence

Computer dependence can develop if the child is not socially adapted, has some complexes about himself, when he is very shy, does not know how to communicate correctly with his peers, and so on. A child can be excessively addicted to computer games, and this eventually grows into a game addiction. A child can become dependent on the computer in the event that he lacks communication with friends, relatives, parents. For example, if a toddler lives far from the community, in a boarding school, outside the city, if the parents are constantly busy or forbid to communicate with peers. The same reason can serve as a lack of hobbies, hobbies. Since the Internet is a great source of different information, the child can sit at the computer for a long time in search of new information. Another reason for computer addiction is the psychological stress that a child experiences. A kid can start looking for an opportunity in the computer to get away from the problem.

Symptoms of computer addiction

For a long time the child is at the computer. He is not interested in communication in real life, with parents and peers. He is not interested in anything but a computer. The child can spend hours at the computer, forget about sleep, about food, about important things. When the kid is sitting at the computer, he has lost the sense of time. Removal from the computer perceives very aggressively. If parents prohibit the use of a computer, then the child has a violent aggression, hysterics or even convulsive seizures. If he does not have a long time to access the computer, he feels nervous, excited, incomprehensible anxiety, headaches, can become drowsy, apathy, indifference to what is happening around. Refuses from all the proposed entertainment and toys. The child starts from his parents, how much time he spends on the computer. If the child has at least one of the listed signs, then this may indicate that, most likely, the baby has a computer addiction.

Diagnosis of computer dependence

Official medicine for today, Internet addiction and computer addiction is not recognized as a mental disorder. But many specialists described this condition, there are some countries in which clinics are open that specialize in this disease. For these reasons, there are no specific diagnostic methods. The specialist diagnoses on the basis of communication with the child, as well as in the presence of any symptoms that indicate the presence of this disease.

Treatment of computer addiction

There is no special treatment for computer addiction. In each case, the specialist appoints each patient a separate treatment. It depends on the practice of the specialist, his theory and on the specific situation. Psychologists believe that the best treatment for computer addiction is the acquisition of another addiction. Another addiction can be a passion for sports, hobbies, collecting something and so on.

You should know that you can not abruptly select a computer from the child. It is necessary to do it methodically and gradually, and even better under the supervision of a psychologist. If the case of computer dependence is very severe, drug therapy may be prescribed, but its effectiveness is not fully proved, but, on the contrary, there is evidence of its ineffectiveness.

Prevention of computer addiction

We need to deal with our children and make sure that computer addiction does not develop. If the child is at the computer, then you need to control how much he spends time there. It is necessary in real life to find him some hobby, that the child was interested, and he was happy to do it. Try to get involved with the child. When he plays, control his games, they should not be too cruel, you also need to follow the websites that the child is visiting. As much as possible communicate with the baby, if he has any problems, help him overcome them. More interested in the life of the baby. Set a realistic goal before him, and when he reaches it, rejoice together and give one more goal.