Cleansing the blood

Methods of purification of blood

Blood - the basis of the functioning of all organs and systems of our body. It is also an ideal remedy for many ailments.

Cleansing the bloodAs you know, the blood consists of water and a cell mass incredibly complex composition. When a person falls ill, the pathogenic cells and antibodies that "get stuck" in him after old diseases start circulating in the blood. Can I cleanse them of blood? It turns out, yes! There are effective methods purification of blood.


The essence of the method: During the session, the patient takes blood from the vein (from 350 to 500 ml) one to three times, replacing 200-250 ml of physiological saline (this is necessary in order to maintain normal blood pressure). Then the blood is poured into a sterile bag, placed in a centrifuge and rotated at a speed of 2500 rpm. From this, the blood is stratified into plasma and cell mass.

Plasma is drained, and the cell mass is diluted with saline solution. Using a regular dropper, the renewed blood is injected back into the vein. Then the procedure is repeated. The duration of each cycle is from 35 to 50 minutes.

Result: the blood begins to work much more efficiently in the body. After all, it was in the plasma, from which you were rid, contained all unnecessary: ​​the products of tissue decay, toxins, and most importantly - free radicals and abnormal cells that provoke tumor growth.

After the procedure of plasmapheresis, the blood is purified, and the person feels a surge of energy, the processes of tissue repair are accelerated. Thus, plasmapheresis significantly improves the health of many chronic and autoimmune diseases.

The main indications for the procedure purification of blood: отравления, вирусные и невирусные гепатиты, псориаз, красная волчанка, сахарный диабет, аллергия, рассеянный склероз, панкреатит, тяжелые токсикозы у беременных, акне, иммунодефицитные состояния. Общих противопоказаний для проведения плазмафереза нет. Как правило, эффект от одной процедуры purification of blood сохраняется в течение 10-12 месяцев.


Cleansing the bloodThe essence of the method: a person intramuscularly or subcutaneously injected a small amount of his own venous blood. Classical autohemotherapy is carried out by a course of 12-15 injections: the patient takes a certain amount of blood from the vein and immediately injects it into the muscle - like a normal angle.

There are other options for the procedure: for example, venous blood is irradiated with ultraviolet or ozonized, less often - frozen. Some immunologists believe that it makes sense to inject blood subcutaneously into the biologically active (acupuncture) points of the body. Homeopaths sometimes dilute blood in specially prepared homeopathic remedies.

Result: all varieties of autohemotherapy work for one purpose - dramatically increase the body's immune status. The mechanism of autohemotherapy has not been thoroughly studied, however its basic principle is similar to homeopathic: when unhealthy components circulating in your blood are injected into the body subcutaneously or intramuscularly, it perceives it as an extraneous intervention, sharply mobilizes the immune system. And helps to defeat the cause of the disease!

The main indications for the procedure: furunculosis, acne, pneumonia, adnexitis, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis and many other ailments.

Contraindication is only one: nephritis.


Cleansing the bloodThe essence of the method: the blood taken from the vein is passed through a filter that absorbs toxin molecules and then is returned to the blood via a dropper.

Result: purification of blood without the use of auxiliary liquids.

The main indications for the procedure purification of blood: высокая концентрация токсичных веществ – например, после пищевого отравления ( в том числе ядовитыми грибами и поддельным алкоголем ), состояние после инфекционных заболеваний, длительного курса лечения антибиотиками или противовирусными препаратами, тяжелый похмельный синдром. Для достижения длительного эффекта процедуру purification of blood необходимо повторить не менее трех раз.