Causes of thrush

The causes of thrush in women

The causes of thrush in womenThe causes of thrush are the topic of discussions not only in the female circle of the townsfolk, but also among physicians. Fungi of the genus Candida, pathogens of the disease, have the properties again and again to affect the mucous membranes of the genital organs of women. Is it possible to rule out the causes of thrush in women in order to reduce the frequency of relapses?

Unfortunately, there is hardly any guarantee that even if you try to eliminate as much as possible all the favorable conditions for the development of this fungus, the disease will leave you forever. Indeed, the cause of thrush can become a physiological condition - pregnancy or menstruation. However, if you try to exclude as much as possible favorable conditions and conduct the correct treatment of a chronic process, everything can happen. And such a common phenomenon as thrush before the monthly causes will be clarified.

Often vaginal candidiasis, so correctly called thrush, in women occurs when taking oral contraceptives and using local contraception. Both that, and another leads to infringement of microflora of a vagina. If very often thrush in women occurs, while this contraception is used, the doctor may recommend that it be replaced. For example, the intrauterine system or condom - that is, not local and hormonal contraception.

Frequent thrush causes the occurrence of, related to the intake of various medications. First of all antiseptic, antibacterial and antibiotics. Many doctors still with any indisposition write out antibiotics. But they do not always help, only if the infection is bacterial, and even side effects are in the form of a recurrence of vaginal candidiasis. That is, you do not need to take such strong medicines, especially long, if you are not sure about the advisability of this treatment. Such an example. The woman found Helicobacter pylori, microorganisms, which provoke stomach cancer. You can get rid of them by taking antibiotics. Usually they are prescribed for 10 days. But many people, fearing cancer, take them longer. Or they start drinking regularly at intervals, like "for prophylaxis," because bacteria can come back again. Well, antibiotics kill the microflora of the vagina. Thrush cause of onset in women often has similar.

In addition, vaginal candidiasis can be caused by various sexual infections, as well as bacterial vaginosis - dysbacteriosis of the vagina. Often against the background of this dysbiosis, a woman manifests thrush. In such cases, complex treatment is a very good remedy. For example, an antibacterial agent topically and antifungal for oral administration may be prescribed.

Of course, if possible, you need to find the cause of thrush. But it is not always possible to exclude them. Fungi of the genus Candida usually begin to multiply actively with a decrease in immunity. Its significant weakening is with HIV, cancer and blood diseases. Often completely recover from them is impossible, and this means you just need to live and periodically undergo treatment for chronic vaginal candidiasis.