Board games for boys: what to carry away at home

Making the restless boy sit on one place for more than two minutes is not easy, but very simple: give him a fascinating board game. We have selected the most fascinating options for you. 1. Humor »(JACKAL)

Age: from 7 years Number of players: 2-4 Playing time: 60-90 minutes Producer: Magellan Develops: logical, tactical and systemic thinking

This legendary game, invented in the 70s by students of the Faculty of Mechanics of Moscow State University, was simply created for boys. Box "Jackal" to the brim is filled with the spirit of pirate romance and adventure, and yet - with excitement, risk, the spirit of rivalry and reckless fun! Before the beginning of each game there are: treasure island (playing field), 4 ships (cardboard tiles), 4 pirate gangs (12 wooden chips of four colors), gold (37 plastic coins). After the pirates on their ships land on the shores of the island, moving cautiously forward along uninhabited jungles (chips of the playing field), they must take out as much gold from the island as possible and load it into the holds of their ship. Who will do it first (and will remain whole!) - wins.

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If your child loves gold, loves to look for treasures, fearlessly looks into the mouth of the gun and loudly yells "yo-ho-ho!", Then - a thousand devils! - This board game is just necessary for your family. Dynamic and unpredictable "Jackal" contains a lot of various "obstacles" (bogs, deserts and mountains, "traps" in the form of pits, bottles of rum, crocodiles or lair of the giant ogre), which will not let little pirate bored. The chips of the playing field each time are arranged in new combinations, so in the "Shakala" you can play an infinite number of times - the pirate island will change its appearance and it will have to be examined again and again. Perfectly trains the logic and planning skills. The rules of the game are simple and simple - you can easily explain them to the children, after which for ears do not drag them away from the enchanted pirate field.

2. "Operation" Interception "

Age: from 7 years Number of players: 1 Play time: 10-20 minutes Manufacturer: Bondibon Develops: mindfulness, logical and abstract thinking skills

Speed, adrenaline, harassment and detention of the offender - a scenario of the game, which will be to taste any tomboy! Table puzzle "Operation" Interception "makes it possible to try on the cap of the police chief and neutralize the dangerous hijacker: you just have to close the way to retreat to the red car. Choose one of 60 tasks, place apartment buildings, six police cars and a criminal car on the playing field, pass a secret password on the radio: "All the posts urgently detain a red car!" - and the operation "interception" will begin immediately!

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The puzzle makes you sit and think, a bit like a game of chess. The game teaches you to think logically, and it's great to puzzle not only the little race driver, but also the experienced DPS-nick! Tasks are divided into four levels of complexity (to all tasks there are ready answers). All elements of the game are voluminous, which contributes to the development of the child not only visual, but also spatial thinking. And "Operation" Interception "is an excellent simulator for improving the skills of fine motor skills.

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3. "River Dragons" (RIVER DRAGONS)

Age: from 8 years Number of players: 2-6 Playing time: 30-40 minutes Manufacturer: Matagot Develops: logical, tactical and strategic thinking, mindfulness

Overcome obstacles adore all boys. And they like to run, jump, shove and push. Board game "River Dragons" as if for this and created! The task is to cross the river (ie to get from one end of the playing field to the opposite one), building bridges with stones and boards (on islands indicated on the playing field, you need to put stones, and already on them - boards). It is not so easy to do this: opponents are hampered, who can easily pocket neighboring neighbor's building materials, as well as formidable inhabitants of the river-dragons. At the disposal of each player is a small deck of cards, with which he performs all his actions: builds, runs along the bridge, launches his "own" dragon, throws the opponent into the water. The bravest, fastest and cleverest player, who reached the finish line first, gets a statuette of a golden dragon! The kit includes 6 chips of different colors (3 "girls" and 3 "boys"), but first it is better to play this game together or three together.

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Exciting, exciting and unpredictable game with fairly simple rules. It is remarkable for its unusual themes (the East is a delicate business!) And beautiful, bright, high-quality performance. Develops dexterity, accuracy and an eye, after all building bridges, it is important not to miss with the length of the board. Causes to be smart and before the beginning of each new round carefully calculate the further actions: if you zazevalshsya and fall into the water, you have to start all from the beginning. The playing field is two-way: one option is simpler - the positions of the stones are already marked, the second is more difficult - you can improvise and place stones, anywhere. As the action develops, the river valley turns into a real water maze, the bridges of which can lead the participants not to the place where they initially wanted to go.

4. "Zeus on the vacation" (ZEUS ON THE LOOSE)

Age: from 8 years Number of players: 2-5 Playing time: 15-30 minutes Producer: "Style of Life" Develops: oral score, attentiveness and reaction speed

Attention, young Lobachevsky: your house was visited by divine arithmetic! Magnificent card game "Zeus on vacation" will teach not only good to count, but also brilliantly to bluff. The set contains 60 cards (cards with numbers from 1 to 10 - 40 pieces, maps with images of Greek gods - 20 pieces). At the beginning of the game, all the cards are mixed. The players, having received 4 cards in their hands, take turns to spread them into the middle of the table (simultaneously taking one card from the "stock" deck). With each laid out map, the "height" is calculated, which it was possible to climb: the player adds the "denomination" of his card to the already available amount and hears a new figure. "Divine" cards add intrigues: unexpectedly intervened in the game Hermes can turn numbers literally upside down, and in a second turn 45 to 54! The round ends as soon as the mark of 100 points is reached, but the race is won only by the one who is favored by Zeus at this moment (the plastic plastic figure of the thunderer must be in the player's fist). So, the main goal is Olympus. Count your jumps!

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Merry gambling with an element of surprise: here, it would seem, you are already a step from the top, as you have to start all over again. "Zeus on vacation" is ideal for schoolchildren who need to practice oral account skills, but also younger kids will be very useful - will help them memorize numbers within the top ten. The game quickly and conveniently folds into a compact (15x15 cm) metal box, which can be easily carried on a visit or on a trip. The game is very dynamic and does not take much time. Although in order to earn the title of the absolute winner, will have to sweat. For a victory in each round the player receives a card with a letter. There are four in all, and together they form the name "ZEUS". If one player manages to collect all of them, he immediately wears a victorious wreath from a laurel!

5. "Pirates of hide and seek"

Age: from 5 years Number of players: 1 Play time: 10-20 minutes Producer: Bondibon Develops: logical and spatial thinking, fine motor skills, mindfulness

Captain Flint? Jack Sparrow? John Silver? James Hook? The game "Pirates of Hide and Seek" is a terrific opportunity to present yourself as a captain of a pirate ship! Is everyone ready to go in search of treasure? Then forward - the game tablet-container and the book with the tasks are waiting. The future sea wolf will have to cope with the difficult task: to find a treasure or, quickly escaping from a gang of thugs, to meet with a friendly pirate ship. Using four plastic tiles, the player will need to close the image of the playing field so that only the pictures specified by the conditions of the task (ships, hoards or pirates) are visible. With each adventure passed, the level of tasks (a total of 48) is complicated. Only a real captain of pirates will be able to cope with all!

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"Pirates of hide and seek" - a perfect gift for a little restlessness! Like any puzzle, it trains patience and perseverance, because over tasks (they have 4 levels of difficulty) will have to be conquered. According to the idea of ​​the developers the game is designed for one person, but you can play it with the whole family, for example, performing tasks for speed. The combination of puzzles perfectly develops visual and spatial perception, trains logical thinking and cognitive abilities. All elements of the puzzle (playing field with images of ships, boats and islands and tiles of different shapes, symbolizing pieces of land and lush vegetation of wild jungles) are made of colorful and durable plastic. Convenient design: the cover of the plastic box, in which the puzzle is packed, performs simultaneously the function of the playing field.

6. "Do not rock the boat" (DO NOT ROCK THE BOAT)

Age: from 5 years Number of players: 2-4 Playing time: from 3 minutes Producer: Magellan Develops: fine motor skills, eye, spatial thinking

All adventurers, brave penguins are invited to go on a long and dangerous voyage! As soon as the brave young man opens the box, 16 small black and white pirates will immediately jump out of the box. Each of them needs to find a place on the ship: on the deck, on the mast or on the yard. Just be careful: the ship is treacherously balancing on a high wave. Penguins are quite heavy, so with each subsequent navigator, who climbed the ship, he begins to swing more and more. One wrong move - and the pirates are overboard. The winner is the one who last put the pirate-penguin on the ship before the crash. So, the sea is worried "once" ...

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Incredibly simple, but insanely fun game "Do not swing the boat" - an ideal option for family leisure, because it will not leave indifferent even adults! The game does not take much time, so you can play it at least 20 times a day. A funny design, of course, will lead all without exception the little mischievous people in complete ecstasy.

7. "Truck 3"

Age: 3-10 years Number of players: 1 Play time: 15-30 minutes Producer: Bondibon Develops: logic and imagination, spatial imagination and fine motor skills, introduces geometric figures and colors

"First a toy, then a game" - this motto of the company Bondibon perfectly illustrates the children's puzzle "Truck 3". It is addressed primarily to small car racers and truck drivers. Indeed, unlike many other puzzles, its playing field is not limited to a plastic box, but solely an auto track, which draws a child's imagination.

"Truck" - this is a real machine, which can drive from box to box, from chair to sofa, from the nursery to the kitchen and back, carrying valuable cargo in passing. Actually, this is the goal of the game - to "pack" three wooden dump trucks with bodies of different shapes with plastic cubes (10 pieces in a set) in accordance with the tasks. The simplest level of complexity "will ask" compactly to put in one car only two molds, but gradually the volume of traffic increases and now you have to use the entire fleet. Do not underestimate this game: above the tasks of the advanced level, it is necessary to break the head even for younger schoolchildren.

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The puzzle "Truck 3" is a real find for the tiny children's fingers. The size and weight of the machines are ideal for small hands, and the body of trucks and molds-weights are made of quality materials (plastic odorless, the edges are even) ¸ wheels are planted on strong axles and securely fastened. The game grows with the child: gradually introduces him to different geometric figures, trains fine motor skills, stimulates imagination. Such an amusing "logistics" perfectly develops logical thinking and develops a skill that is very useful when a kid grows up - the ability to put a certain amount of objects in a limited space (for example, in a suitcase) in an optimal way.

8. «Traffic-Jam»

Age: from 6 years Number of players: 2-6 Playing time: 10-15 minutes Manufacturer: "Banda of the Clever" Develops: logical and mathematical abilities, skills of comparing and matching numbers

Car enthusiasts - to start! Board game "Traffic-Jam" invites you to solve the problem of automotive-arithmetic plugs and spend time fun and with benefit. Players receive 10 cards, of which three are placed on the table at once. That's the beginning of the traffic jam on the road! Next, participants need to replenish the ranks of cars, laying out cards, observing two conditions. First, each card is assigned a certain number, and the next card can be spread only in the row where it is "bigger" than the previous one. Secondly, the map should be laid out in a row, where its number will be closest in value to the number on the previous map. For example, if there are "cars" with numbers 6, 15 and 19 in the row, and the player's card has a number 17, then his car should be attached to the 15th. But be careful, not so simple: for example, for too long traffic jams (more than 4 cars in a row), players are fined! Penalty cards do not participate in the further game, but are used to count points - who will eventually have less of them, that wins.

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"Traffic Gem" - an ideal option for starting a child's acquaintance with the world of mathematics. A simplified version of the rules allows you to play with the kids from the age of 4! The boys will be delighted: the pictures of cars on the cards are big and bright, and the manufacturer also diversified the game with special cards - here there is an ambulance, and a police car and a tow truck with a tow truck ... The game easily helps children to master the numerical range from 0 to 50 and learn how to compare two-digit numbers, and also trains memory and attention.


Age: from 6 years Number of players: 1 Game time: 5-15 minutes Manufacturer: ThinkFun Develops: logical and imaginative thinking, mindfulness

"Crossing for Toddlers" is an original puzzle game that will make a restless fidget stay for a long time in one place. Let him choose his own role: a tourist who needs to cross to the opposite shore or a lifeguard, whose mission is to help the kitten not fall into the river. The main task is to move over the logs through a turbulent stream (which, quite possibly, is inhabited by not the most friendly creatures). Only - that's bad luck! - logs are much smaller than stumps (5 and 14 respectively). Therefore, the player needs to transfer logs in time, according to which he has already "passed" to a new location and completed the crossing. As soon as the first card with the task (more than 40 pieces in the set) is put on the playing field - the ferry begins!

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This qualitatively executed game is a real warm-up for the mind, that's why it is especially good for preschoolers and junior schoolchildren. Has 4 levels of difficulty: beginner, advanced, experienced and expert, which will have to break the head even adults. The most simple tasks are available for children, starting from the age of 4. You can play repeatedly in the "Crossing", since it is almost impossible to remember all your moves. This puzzle is a convenient "road" option: a small playing field has comfortable rubber protectors and does not slip on the table surface, and the figures are 2 tourists (boy and girl) and a kitten - and the building materials are provided with magnets and very stable.

10. Грузи и вези (PACK&STACK)

Age: from 7 years Number of players: 3-6 Game time: 30-45 minutes Manufacturer: "World of Hobby" Develops: spatial and logical thinking, reaction speed, imagination

Half an hour of real excitement and brainstorming - that's what "Gruzi and Vezi" is! So, there are trucks and cargo that the players must transport. Throw the dice (there are five of them) and in accordance with the numbers dropped on them, dial yourself a differently sized (of course, a multi-dimensional!) Cargo. The next stage is choosing a truck. And here you need not to yawn. As soon as the cards depicting the bodies of trucks are opened, quickly estimate which car bar your climbing bar is in, and grab it, grab it! Finally, place your load in the body of the selected truck. Exercise extremely carefully: store the bars only in accordance with the level indicated on the cab machine (1 - one "layer", 2 - two, etc.) and make sure that they do not go over the sides. As soon as the cars are loaded, as they say, under the outfit, the scoring begins: for every empty spot in the body, one point is taken away, for every block left without a seat, and even more - minus two points ... The winner is the loader who has the most left points.

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"Gruzi and Vezi" is a real "Tetris", semi-imaginative, of course, but quite palpable! The game to the indecency is simple and yet insanely fascinating, dynamic, fun. Try it and you will not want to leave it. Excellent develops the skills of spatial thinking: it is very important to correctly compare the available cargo with the truck, in which he could have climbed. We note the excellent quality of the toy: the bars are made of natural wood and are pleasant to the touch, and the cards have an excellent decoration.


Age: c 8 years Number of players: 2-6 Game time: 20-30 minutes Manufacturer: "Style of Life" Develops: logical, strategic and tactical thinking, imagination

"Nom" - a fun card game, noisy and bustling atmosphere which will be appreciated by all the little tomboy. Bomi are mysterious creatures, extremely pleasant and charming, but terribly trusting and defenseless: at every step they are trapped by the dangers and troubles that the one and the other will wipe out from the face of the earth (that is, from your table, of course). The task of the players is to save the nomas. Before the start of the game, each participant receives one "live" noma. The remaining cards are mixed, and from the mixed deck players take three more cards. Then they walk in turn, using the cards on their hands, and retrieving them from the deck. Nom's security is provided by "protective" cards (nome can ride a frog, hide behind a mushroom or tame a velvety moth), they are threatened with trap cards, and help out of the trouble of help cards. Over time, cards with letters will appear from the deck, and as soon as the last letter of the word "NOM" is extracted from the stack, the game stops. The participant who defends most of the nomas wins.

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It may take time to sort out the intricacies of the rules. But then the gamble for survival will not leave you indifferent. Each card contains a detailed description of the action that it activates. Total types of maps are seven: defense, trap, help, danger, events, rescue and proper noma. Each new card is a potential threat, because it can "steal" and even "kill" the noma. Planning something in this strategy is almost impossible, but so it is attractive! The game will help to have a great time with the whole family. Funny nome, depicted on the cards, will not leave children indifferent, so they will play with great pleasure.

12. The Forbidden Island (FORBIDDEN ISLAND)

Age: from 8 years Number of players: 2-4 Playing time: 30-40 minutes Producer: "Style of Life" Develops: the ability to play in a team, logical and tactical thinking, mindfulness

Not "against each other", but together towards adventure - this is the credo of this fascinating board game. The team of players goes in search of powerful artifacts. The task is complicated by the fact that they need not only to find treasure, but also have time to leave the island. Why? Yes, because from the moment the scrap of sushi is built (24 cards are laid out face-up according to the rules), it begins to sink in the ocean depths! Four artifacts are located in the corners of the playing field, and six cards, at random stretched their decks, immediately determine the first flooded areas. Then all adventurers take a chip and a map that determines their magical abilities. Finally, the most important cards from the deck of artifacts and special actions are distributed. In order to obtain an artifact, you need not only to collect four cards in one hand, but also to deliver them to the end of the island where the treasure is located. It is not easy to do this - with each turn the island more and more goes under the water ... And here it is important not to forget about the unique skills of each participant in the mission and to extend a helping hand in time, because you can only win victory over the Forbidden Island!

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The game is simple, very interesting, beautiful and well done. One of its main differences from other desktop options is that it unites. Players need to work closely together to win. Do you want to explain to the child what is mutual assistance and focus on results? "Forbidden Island" will do it for you. The game is incredibly gambling, and the element of randomness (each stretched map can change the storyline of the game by 180 degrees!) Only warms up emotions. "Forbidden Island" has several levels of complexity, and therefore, on the shelf it does not lie: you will conquer it for a long time.

13. Викинги (VIKINGS)

Age: from 6 years Number of players: 1 Play time: 30 minutes Manufacturer: Bondibon Develops: spatial and logical thinking, visual perception, mindfulness

Masterfully maneuver between the raging waves and dangerous whirlpools and eventually bring the ship to its dock - this task is only possible to the bravest and brave mariners. And smart. And, of course, clever. After all, "Vikings" is a puzzle game! Set all the elements on the playing field in accordance with the task from the brochure and begin to storm the impenetrable ocean. The task - rotating the "sea" elements, bring the ship to the pier, marked by an arrow of the same color as its sail. However, not everything is so simple: the wrong arrangement of one element leads to the blocking of two neighboring ones, and to lift the ship above the waves, and to command waves without a ship, is strictly prohibited ...

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"Vikings" - one of the most wonderful and original puzzles from Bondibon. Perfectly develops preschoolers' skills of spatial and logical thinking: who would have thought that the parallel mooring of two ships to the docks is not only a way to save time, but the only solution to the problem? 60 jigsaw puzzles are divided into four difficulty levels. In those that are simpler, one ship will have to fight with whirlpools and fast currents, and exercises will make it more difficult for a young Viking to manage an entire fleet. The compact size makes the game an ideal option for travel, and the perfect performance is an excellent gift to a young thinker.

14. Niagara (NIAGARA)

Age: from 8 years Number of players: 3-5 Playing time: 30-45 minutes Producer: Zoch Develops: tactical, strategic and logical thinking, imagination

Rubies, sapphires, amethysts, amber - that's how many treasures are in just one box! In the box with the table game "Niagara". We open? Brave hunters for precious stones on their canoe canoes need to get close to the very edge of the Niagara Falls. They need to believe in luck, and yet - do not yawn! Using the displacement cards (35 pieces in the set), the participants determine the speed of the current of the river and the speed of the canoe along it. Another unpredictable factor that can influence the course of the game is weather influence maps (when one of the rivals almost reached the coveted stone, just strengthen the wind - and its canoe, perhaps, will fly to the bottom of Niagara Falls). The best treasure hunter is the brave one who will first collect one of the collections: 4 precious stones of the same color, 5 stones of different colors or 7 any stones.

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An excellent option for family leisure. The rules of the game means five participants, but you can try and play together (each participant will "lead" two tribes). Unusual and interesting design: the playing field is located directly on the box (just do not forget to turn it around!). Simple rules, short duration and fantastic bright design provide a complete immersion in the world of extreme adventure - all the boys will be delighted!

15. Allus Pirates (ALLES KANONE)

Age: from 6 years Number of players: 2-8 Playing time: 15-20 minutes Manufacturer: Zoch Develops: memory and mindfulness, reaction speed

All hands on deck! Before you, "Alles pirates" - a real gift for the fans of pirates and sea wolves, because on cards (49 pieces in the set) are depicted all-all-all pirate treasures. Who will collect them most? Seven thematic maps are placed on the table. Next below, seven pirate maps are laid out (one shows a bayonet, on the other - a bottle with a letter, on the third - a toothy shark, etc.). Try for a short period of time to remember what is depicted on each, because very soon the host will turn them upside down! The pirate cards remaining in the game are mixed, and after the top card is opened, you must first shout out the name of the object shown on the closed card. Do you think it's easy? And you try! And take the treasure yourself in the piggy bank. Gathering the greatest number of "pirate" cards solemnly assigned the title of captain.

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"Alles pirates" (the thematic version of the popular board game "Alles trolls") - an excellent "simulator" for training memory and attention. A cute design will be nice to the eye of both the adult and the child. Noisy, fast and simple game - what else do you need to have fun in the company of friends?

16. Riffer (RIFF RAFF)

Age: from 8 years Number of players: 2-4 Playing time: 30-35 minutes Manufacturer: Zoch Develops: fine motor skills, mindfulness, logical thinking

And once more the brave captains are attracted by the sea horizon! But only a complete calm in a minute is replaced by a gusty wind. The wretched ship is so desperately fluttering on the waves that a valuable cargo that needs to be delivered to its destination, now and then falls overboard ... Sly sailors should bring it back to the ship! The second name of the popular game "Reef-raf" - "Sea Balance". It is from balance that the success of the rescue operation depends: each captain will have to place one of the items of his kit on a certain area of ​​the ship. It must be done extremely accurately: during the manipulation of the wooden structure treacherously swaying. One wrong move - and values ​​will fly away into the sea.

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The game perfectly develops sleight of hand, eye and tactical thinking (for example, sometimes it is advantageous to throw cargo on the yard while competitors occupy the deck). Train your memory and do not forget that items already placed on the ship should not be moved by hand (you can do this only with other items)! Romanticism "sea" adventure adds and the fact that the ship here is the most that neither is a real one - before the game it must be collected on its own. Ocean of emotions and a sea of ​​useful skills - that's what will give your tomboy "Reef-raf"!

Photographs provided by Mosigra and Igroved companies

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