Be healthy! do not cough!

Doctors call this disease ARVI (acute respiratory-viral disease), talk about colds in everyday life, but as this sickness does not call, it delivers to the sick a bunch of troubles. Especially suffer from her children.

The cold can begin in different ways. Sometimes - with a cold, which, intensifying, then goes into a cough. In other cases, a cough occurs first, then a cold becomes attached to it. As you can see, coughing is a constant companion of the common cold. He can seriously poison life as a child, and adults. And it is better to fight this scourge from the very first days, not allowing serious complications.

When coughing, give the child mucolytic and expectorant drugs. In this case, you should always consult with your doctor and take into account that only powerful antibiotics that take only the doctor's prescription, the arsenal of anti-cold funds is not limited. For example, the products of the trade mark "Doctor Theiss" have proved to be well established.

The composition of these pharmacological agents on the basis of their long-term scientific observations was developed by the famous German phytotherapeutist and doctor of sciences Peter Theiss. Mucoplant cough preparations, produced under the brand "DR THEISS" for children, are represented by several types of preparations containing natural ingredients. And, as is known, herbal preparations are safer than synthetic drugs, they have fewer contraindications and side effects. And the producers in this case think of both children and adults. So, cough syrup with plantain is suitable for children over 1 year and adults, including pregnant women and nursing mothers. In its composition - natural extract of plantain lanceolate, which has been known since ancient times for its antiseptic properties.

Another component of the syrup that helps fight cough, natural honey. It gives the syrup a sweet taste, which the babies like so much. Honey is considered a product that can cause allergies, but in fact you do not need to be afraid of it. Natural honey allergic reaction is rare, but it is rich in trace elements, enzymes and active substances that stimulate the activity of the immune system. The cause of allergies can be only individual intolerance to pollen of a certain type of colors present in this product, or an admixture of chemical additives. As part of the same syrup "DR THEISS" natural product contains no harmful impurities, because the likelihood of allergies to it, even a baby is not large.

And, finally, the syrup contains peppermint oil. In the treatment of cough, it has a disinfectant and easy spasmolytic effect. The sweetener is also natural - from sugar beet. It contains useful microelements and is also used by folk medicine in the treatment of cough.

Thus, the cough syrup with plantain "DR THEISS" is suitable for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, which are accompanied by a cough with hardly detachable sputum. The syrup envelops the affected parts of the respiratory tract, reduces the inflammation of the mucous membrane and first separates, and then removes phlegm, which relieves the painful cough.

In the treatment of cough, the most effective complex approach, therefore, in addition to syrup, it is recommended to use Eucalyptus ointment "DR THEISS", which is recommended for children over 3 years and adults. It is applied to the back and chest. Among its components are active substances such as eucalyptus oil, pinewood and camphor oil. In addition, take into account that there is no menthol in the ointment, which can cause an unfavorable reaction in children: redness of the skin and burning sensation. Oils that are part of the ointment not only contribute to the sputum and have expectorant properties, but, what is very important, they have antiseptic effect. So the ointment and syrup well complement each other, and with their simultaneous use, the cough goes faster.

The product line of DR THEISS takes care of the health of adults. For example, for people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, Syrup with a plantain without sugar, and fight with a night cough can be done with a special Night syrup with plantain: it also does not have sugar and alcohol.