Artificial childbirth

How artificial birth is done

How artificial birth is done

Artificial childbirth is the termination of pregnancy in the second trimester. As you know, at will, a woman can get rid of a child up to 12 weeks. Later - only for good reasons, they can be caused by both severe health problems with the mother and / or the child, and with social causes. The latter include rape.

Antenatal fetal and fetal death

Artificial birth testimony is most significant when the fetus dies in utero. In this case, the procedure can not be avoided. It should be noted that the reasons for which fetal death occurs for a period of more than 13 weeks is not so much. These are severe genetic abnormalities in the child, infection of the membranes with the infection, resulting in the amniotic bladder bursting and begin to leak water, antiphospholipid syndrome, thrombophilia. Artificial childbirth with a dead pregnancy is carried out in different ways, but the doctors, of course, in this case, try to do everything safely for the mother. Can apply fruit-destructive manipulation. Doctors with the help of medication provoke the opening of the cervix and parts of it pull out the fruit. All this under anesthesia, of course.

There are cases when a child dies after an invasive diagnosis recommended by doctors to find out if the child has chromosomal abnormalities. It is usually prescribed in cases where prenatal screenings give a high risk of various abnormalities. A geneticist must carefully compare the risks before inviting the patient to an invasive procedure. Where the risks are higher - to lose a child after an invasive procedure or to give birth to a baby with deviations.

Often, children die because of the severe degree of fetoplacental insufficiency, when the blood flow in the umbilical cord is practically or completely absent. This pathology can be seen by the woman herself. Fetal hypoxia, lack of oxygen, is manifested in a sharp decrease in the number of movements of the child, their strength. It is for this reason that in time to determine the suffering of the fetus, a woman is advised to carefully monitor the movements of her child. If they are not available within 24 hours, call a doctor immediately.

The child's suffering can be assumed by the doctor when measuring the height of the uterine fundus, if it is below the norm - this means delaying the child's development, and listening to the midwife's stethoscope with his heartbeat.

On ultrasound-doppler the so-called doctor sees circulatory disturbances in the mother-child system. And the baby is delayed development. Significance has a development delay of more than 2 weeks.

In a hospital, a woman is trying to help. Do droppers with drugs that improve blood circulation. But it does not always help.

About the technique of abortion

Conduct artificial delivery for medical reasons using different methods, it all depends on the situation. If a woman has a late gestosis, pre-eclampsia, then she has an emergency cesarean section. And this at any time.

Stimulation of artificial childbirth in the case when a child has multiple intrauterine malformations can be performed with oxytocin, a drug that causes severe uterine contractions. But first the cervix is ​​prepared for opening. For this purpose, prostaglandins are used in the form of gel, tablets, suppositories. In addition, doctors conduct a so-called cessation of the fetus by administering potassium chloride or digoxin into the amniotic fluid. This must be done a day before the cause of artificial birth. The first solution is injected into the chest of the fetus under ultrasound control. And the second drug - in the amniotic fluid. Digoxin has contraindications to use in women with severe cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure.

At numerous women's forums they talk about how artificial babies are made in hospitals. This is very painful both from the psychological point of view, and from the physical. Often, women with fights suffer more than a day.

Many doctors are aware of the most modern and safe way for an artificial birth, but not all use it. It is quite expensive, since the procedure requires the drug "Mifepristone". This is anti-progesterone. Under its influence in the uterus, there are changes characteristic of those that occur before the miscarriage. Next, the woman is given prostaglandins, and after that the fights begin. The interruption of pregnancy in later terms thus passes quite quickly, especially if the period is short, to 16-18 weeks. Since the fruit of a small, large opening of the cervix is ​​not needed. A woman gives birth without difficulty. But after this, necessarily under anesthesia performs scraping of the uterine cavity, since the immature placenta can not completely separate itself from the uterus. In general, scraping is a mandatory procedure for induced miscarriage in the second trimester of pregnancy.

But although when artificial birth is the term of a fairly large pregnancy, severe complications are rare. These include perforation of the cervix and uterine body, very severe blood loss, requiring blood transfusions, an allergic reaction to the injected anesthesia. More often there are infectious consequences after artificial childbirth, if tools were involved in the delivery process, after that, adequate preventive antibiotic therapy was not performed to avoid the endometritis.

It is believed that artificial delivery at week 20 is safer than abortion, for example, on the 14th. Therefore, women who do not have immediate indications for abortion, if it develops, but the fetus has proven severe malformations, doctors are trying to delay the timing to later. Those who are interested in how much artificial birth costs and whom to turn to for their conduct - you need to know the following. The procedure is performed in regular gynecological hospitals and maternity hospitals. But, we will remind, not at will of the woman, and under strict indications! Therefore, the question of where you can make artificial delivery for money without the decision of a medical commission, you will never get an answer. This is a criminal offense for a doctor.


When do menstrual periods begin after artificial birth, in what period of time do they wait for critical days? Doctors say that in this case everything happens in the same way as urgent labor without subsequent lactation, that is, monthly ones come in 6-8 weeks.

But you can get pregnant after an artificial birth before the onset of the first menstruation. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable contraception. Usually, before the first menstrual period, barrier contraception is advised, followed by oral contraceptives for a period of at least 6 months. This is the time when doctors advise not to allow pregnancy after artificial birth, the body needs time for recovery. And if a chromosomal pathology has been detected, it may be necessary to consult a geneticist.

When planning the next pregnancy in this case, folic acid is prescribed in a large dosage - 5 mg per day, and it should be started 3 months before conception. Although this will not give a full guarantee of the birth of a healthy child.