5 mistakes in planning the family budget

Paradoxically, it is perhaps more difficult to make the budget of a small family than the budget of a huge production holding or a banking corporation, because we do not use the services of economists, financiers and business consultants. You have to rely solely on your experience and common sense. And this is the main danger of making a mistake.

Mistake # 1. Lack of rules and arrangements.

Learn to negotiate! From the outset, decide: either responsible for the financial well-being of the family, that is, for the drafting and monitoring of the budget, one person is responsible for himself or all decisions are taken together. But the budget is a budget, and life is life. We do not have any expenses in the budget, but we saw, we wanted, and ... What to do? To agree in advance on how to make changes and coordinate them. In the language of business, this is called the regulation. It is wonderful if all members of the family, including children, can be drawn to the budget. First, it unites the family, secondly, teaches children order and thrift, and, thirdly, prepares them for an independent life.

Mistake # 2. Uncontrolled waste, or "rubber" casket.

You need to understand and accept the size of your budget. For example, if this month we can afford to spend "x" money, then we can spend only "x" or, if it succeeds, even less. If we spend more than we planned, for example, on food, then we have to save on something - on hobbies, clothes, other payments. Our family budget is a box with many offices, and it is not rubber. If we spent everything from one branch, but we did not have enough, we must decide which other branch we will take money from. That is, overspending in one direction will inevitably lead to the need to save on the other.

Mistake # 3. Lack of long-term planning.

In addition to the current monthly expenses for food, utilities, taxes, a kindergarten, a school, transportation, and so on, one must always remember those that usually "fall" on each family, like a bolt from the blue. I mean spending on vacation, medical insurance, car insurance and services, major purchases and so on. Calculate these costs, plan them at least 1 year ahead and prepare for them. Save it! Save on anything, earn extra, put aside the accumulated. This is the long-term planning.

Mistake # 4. Expenditure is equal to income.

My personal advice - treat the family budget as an enterprise budget. An enterprise can not live without profit. Similarly, the family can not live when costs are equal to income. It is desirable that the difference between costs and revenues is at least 15% of income. If the income of your family, for example, one hundred thousand rubles, plan in your budget expenses in such a way that every month after all expenses there remained at least 15 thousand rubles. Postpone this money for vacation, major purchases (see paragraph 3). You can even encourage your family for savings and rational spending of funds - go together somewhere, buy yourself something.

Mistake # 5. Lack of pocket money.

Each family member, at least from the school age, must have his pocket money. Their size depends, of course, on the size of the overall budget. But every member of the family should have the right to spend their money at their own discretion. And this size should depend only on the overall budget of the family and the principle of reasonable sufficiency. It's ridiculous and absurd to watch when a wife begs her husband for a gift for him or her husband begs his wife for an extra "penny" for a bouquet by March 8.

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