A new job - being a mom

When we decide to have children, imagination helpsfully draws us a scene full of happiness: parents with joyful faces lean over a bundle in a blanket. This idyllic picture completely replaces the real problems and circumstances, without which no

Children's fashion: recent trends

Welcome to Florence, to the exhibition Pitti Bimbo. Before you - the world premiere collections of children's clothing fall-winter 2017/2018. Fun & Fun Y-CLU ' Pitti Bimbo 84 – сочетание масштабности и эксклюзивности. Более 10 000 человек стали

Child fear factor

The noise of household appliances, the drainage of water in the bathroom, the neighbor's dog ... - there is something to be frightened of a one-year-old crumb. But let's think, how it is possible to help the kid to cope with fears? In your home

Microflora vagrants

What you need to know about the microflora of the vagina The microflora of the vagina is a variety of bacteria present in every woman on the mucosa of the internal genitalia. Normally, the number of useful microorganisms is 6-8 x 104 CFU / ml.

Acute otitis media in children

2 4.8 Health & Care Acute otitis media in children As many young parents know, children of the first year of life are often concerned about pain in the ears. Unfortunately, its cause is often acute otitis media (otos - "ear", the ending of itis

What to do if the baby has a stuffy nose

"My son (3 months) had a runny nose: he wakes up crying and crying because he has nothing to breathe. What are the ways to combat the common cold in these babies? "Eugene, Saratov In infants, the space between the pharynx and the nose is small, and

Pharyngitis in children: symptoms and treatment

Pharyngitis - so in the international classification of diseases called angina. Russian doctors can also use terms such as "tonsillitis" and "tonsillo-pharyngitis". Indispensable companions of every sore throat - red throat, fever, often - sore

Do not part with your loved ones!

Farewells never pass easily. This is an axiom. Which is especially true in the situation when the baby sees off mom. But the tragedies that are played out in the hallway can be avoided. How exactly, says psychologist Svetlana Zabegailova Separation


Tularemia is an acute infectious disease characterized by damage to the lymph nodes, lungs and throat, skin and is accompanied by intoxication. Causes The causative agent of this disease is the immobile bacteria F. Tularensis. The source and

Cervical smear

Cervical smear examination A smear from the cervix is ​​taken with different types of examination. The most widely known are: sowing on flora; the study of genital organs for sterility; a PCR test for latent infections; cytological smear from the
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