Varieties, methods of making coffee

Coffee grades

varieties of coffee, coffee makingThere are different types of coffee that require certain cooking methods.

  • Decaffeinated coffee is a coffee in which the caffeine content is reduced to 0.1% with water, organic solvents and carbon dioxide.
  • Espresso coffee - this is especially strong roasted coffee with a grinding size of 0.2 mm.
  • Freeze-dried coffee - instant coffee made in a complicated way.
  • Coffee brewed in a coffee maker with a filter - ground coffee for home coffee makers.
  • Instant coffee - powdered dried or instant freeze-dried coffee.
  • Mokka - Specially roasted dark coffee for Turkish mocha.
  • Raw coffee - Peeled, but not roasted green coffee.
  • Roasted coffee - fried raw coffee.
  • Staying Cafe - roasted coffee, not harmful to the stomach, with a low acid content and a small amount of bitter and irritating substances.

Ways of preparing coffee

For all methods of making coffee, you must observe the following:

  • Water quality

Use clean filtered water. If the water is too hard, boil it for only 2-3 minutes, if too soft, add a pinch of salt. Never use stagnant water. Ideal water - without carbonic acid or with a small content of it.

  • Correct dosage

Of course, you can dose coffee to taste, but if you use it in large quantities, it affects the quality.

  • Fresh coffee preparation

If coffee is long, it affects its quality, since oxygen harms the fragrance.

  • Coffee and milk

Adding milk, cream or concentrated milk makes coffee more useful, and gives it a more beautiful color. In addition, the invigorating action lasts longer.

  • Coffee storage

varieties of coffee, coffee makingHumidity and oxygen harm the aroma. For this reason, the coffee should always be kept closed. The reserves should be enough for 14 days.

Lovers know the following ways of making coffee:

  • Coffee with milk

Coffee with milk без молочной пены.

  • Coffee cream

Espresso from the coarser grains, which were cooked longer than usual.

  • Coffee Freddo

Diluted cold espresso with a little sugar.

  • Latte

Coffee with milk, подаваемый в стакане.

  • Cappuccino

Freshly brewed espresso, (25-35 ml), which is prepared in a large cup (about 200 ml): pour the foam milk to the edge of the cup and sprinkle with cocoa powder.

  • Coffee with cognac

Espresso with a small amount of grappa or other alcoholic beverage.

  • Espresso

Italian coffee drink, for which the dark coffee beans are finely grinded, and under pressure after a quick preparation the drink is poured into small cups, most often, the preparation is carried out with the help of special machines.

  • Capuchin

Cappuccino со взбитыми сливками.

  • Kleiner Brauner

This is the name for espresso in Austria.

  • Late the Makiato

Cappuccino, состоящий из трех слоев в одном стакане: снизу молоко, затем кофе и затем холодная молочная пена.

  • Diluted

Diluted кипяченой водой эспрессо.

  • Makiato

Espresso с небольшим количеством молока.

  • Melange

Австрийский Cappuccino.

  • Coffee with milk

It was prepared longer than usual espresso, which consists of coarse coffee with a small amount of warm milk and a small foam.

  • Mokka

varieties of coffee, coffee makingBlack coffee is finely grinded, brought in a special Turkish three times to a boil and poured into cups without filtration.

  • Pott

Double coffee cream in one coffee cup.

  • Strong coffee

Very strong espresso.

  • Fertilizers

So they call coffee cream in Austria.