Storage of chia seeds. how to store chia seeds?

For many millennia, mankind has grown Spanish sage, which in some Indian tribes was among the main food crops and was used for food every day. Thanks to this, there was an increase in the endurance of the organism, so the seeds were consumed entirely, they were also crushed to produce flour, and the oil was squeezed out. how to store chia

Chia seeds in cooking

Chia seeds contain just a huge amount of useful substances, while the Spanish sage is a wonderful culinary seasoning. Chia seeds impart an interesting taste to dishes, can be added to juices, milk, whipped drinks, yogurts and homemade ice cream. Seeds are used to produce oils and flour, which are widely used in Mexican cuisine, in Latin America and the United States. From a mixture of chia seeds with plain water, you can get a gel that is used to prepare almost any dish, since it is able to replace eggs. To obtain such a gel you will need to take 3 table. spoons of water and 1 table. a teaspoon of chia seeds and leave for 15 minutes. This mixture can replace one egg and be used for baking. During the baking of a variety of bakery products, chia seeds can be crushed and the resulting powder can be used as flour.
For more details about recipes using chia, see this article.

Chia seeds in medicine

The composition of chia seeds includes a fairly large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3. Unlike all other seeds, chia contain a much larger amount of alpha-linolenic acid. It is these acids that will not be synthesized in the human body, but enter into it with food and are important for maintaining the proper work of not only the heart but also the brain. use of chia in medicine In the event that the chia seeds are eaten regularly, the likelihood of developing such dangerous diseases as heart attack and stroke is significantly reduced, and also acts as an effective preventative against Alzheimer's disease. At the same time, they have a positive effect on the human body in case of hormonal failures, anemia, various allergic reactions, are useful in depression, bronchial asthma and epilepsy.
Chia seeds contain not only polyacids, but also a rather large amount of valuable vitamins, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc. There will be only one table spoon of chia seeds to ensure daily intake of folic acid, calcium and omega-3.
These seeds are able to absorb a liquid, the amount of which is much higher than their own weight. Due to this property, they will give a feeling of satiety, which remains for a fairly long period of time. Consequently, not only does the appetite decrease, but also intensive weight loss, completely safe for human health. Chia seeds also have not very usual properties - they help to prevent the accumulation of mud in the garden area. With this purpose it will be enough to take a small amount of seeds and scatter them in the dark part of the yard, after which they will germinate and gradually absorb the mud, so that the lawn will look more neat and clean. If desired, you can easily grow a plant chia. To do this, it will be enough to take a small pot, fill it with earth and sprinkle seeds on top, then lightly press down on them. The land is watered and, most importantly, the soil moisture content necessary for seed growth. It is desirable to place the pot on the sunny side and just a few days after planting the first chia grows.
Store chia seeds is recommended in a fairly dark place and not subject to any thermal treatments, so that you can save all the nutrients and useful properties.

How does chia seed affect the body?

Every day, the seeds of Spanish sage are becoming more popular and in demand, which is explained by the content of a rather large number of active components that have a complex healing effect on the entire human body. As it was written above, it is the chia seeds that are an excellent source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-6 and omega-3), which are one of the main participants in the correct process of metabolism, and they also enter into the composition of cell membranes. how chia affect the body Due to the regular and proper use of chia seeds, blood pressure is normalized. At the same time, the risk of blood clots is minimized, and blood sugar levels are regulated. Chia seeds are simply an indispensable product for vegetarians, as they contain valuable omega fatty acids, a large amount of minerals (zinc, potassium, iron, calcium, etc.), protein forms easily absorbed by the human body, dietary fiber and vitamins. The composition of chia seeds includes several times more antioxidants, in contrast to fresh blueberries. Regular consumption of Spanish sage helps to significantly reduce cholesterol and complete a full course of recovery for the whole body.
Since chia seeds have a very low glycemic index, they become simply an indispensable additional component for almost any diet.
Chia seeds also possess high hydrophilic properties, since they can absorb a large amount of liquid, are widely used to suppress a strong sense of hunger, give a feeling of satiety. It is thanks to this unique property, there is a great opportunity to win in the hard struggle against excess weight, because the appetite is reduced several times without the slightest harm to health. If you regularly eat chia seeds, you can achieve the following results:
  • there is an increase in several times physical endurance, for which the Chia seeds were valued by the Indians;
  • the nails, hair are significantly strengthened, the skin condition improves;
  • thanks to the effect of antioxidants, a course of rejuvenation for the whole organism is carried out;
  • hunger and appetite decrease, satiety is almost always felt;
  • accelerates metabolism, as well as the process of burning existing fat deposits;
  • normalized and the work of the gastrointestinal tract is activated;
  • not only does blood sugar decrease, but blood pressure also decreases;
  • minimizes the likelihood of blood clots;
  • the work of the heart and brain improves.
Grain of Spanish sage is not recommended for use under the condition:
  • low pressure, since they contribute to its reduction;
  • in the period of gestation, as well as during breastfeeding;
  • in the presence of such an unpleasant disease as diarrhea, various food poisoning, and of course, malfunctions in the functioning of the digestive system;
  • in the presence of a tumor of the prostate, which has a malignant character;
  • in the event that at the moment the treatment of teeth. The fact is that chia seeds have a very hard shell, which can seriously damage the oral hygiene;
  • if there is an allergy to mustard and sesame seeds, and of course, if there is an individual intolerance to one of the ingredients contained in the grains of Spanish sage. In case of an allergic reaction, characteristic spots will appear on the surface of the skin, and in the most severe cases there will be difficulty in breathing;
  • if there are elevated triglycerides in the blood;
  • In the event that there is a tendency to increased gas formation in the intestine;
  • if at the moment is treated with aspirin or taking anticoagulants.
Before you start taking chia seeds, remember that it is important, both the dosage and the duration of their use. Consequently, without fail it will be necessary to consult an experienced doctor who will be able to establish the correct dosage, due to which chia seeds will only benefit the body. At the very beginning of the reception of grains of Spanish sage, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the minimum dosages. This must be done until it becomes clear that even the minimal symptoms of negative consequences do not appear. It is also important to remember that as a result of simultaneous intake of chia seeds and drugs that have a laxative effect, there is a possibility of developing a fairly severe diarrhea. If this happens, it is necessary to immediately stop using the seeds and immediately seek help from a doctor.
Doctors categorically forbid the use of chia seeds for more than 12 weeks. This is due to the fact that no studies have been carried out so far to determine what kind of effects these seeds will have on the human body on condition of prolonged intake (more than 12 weeks).

How to use chia seeds for weight loss?

Chia seeds have another positive quality - they have a neutral taste, so they can be used as a food additive for almost any dish. These seeds can be added to yogurt, a variety of cereals, to eat as an independent dish, like powder for buns, etc. However, if chia seeds are used only for one purpose - to lose a couple of extra pounds, then it is worth sticking to the basic rules of the diet. Most importantly, make the most of the unique cleansing properties of seeds, so they should be eaten on empty stomach, you can mix them with different dairy products. Preparing for breakfast smoothies or a cocktail with the addition of chia seeds, you can get rid of hunger until lunch. Also, in this way, it becomes possible to efficiently clean the intestines from accumulated slags, which act as a serious barrier to the normal digestive process. Quite often, slimming faces just an irresistible desire to eat something before going to bed, as a result of which excess centimeters begin to appear at the waist. To get rid of hunger, for dinner it is recommended to prepare a light salad, for the filling of which a gel obtained from chia seeds is used. Seeds begin to swell, and getting into the stomach, fill it, resulting in a loss and a strong sense of hunger. Chia seeds can also be consumed before exercise. The fact is that after eating only a few grains of Spanish sage, after training for a long time will not bother the feeling of hunger. Very delicious and useful is smoothie, prepared with the addition of chia seeds. Smoothies are a drink that consists of kefir and fresh fruits, while the ingredients are taken in almost equal proportions. Having prepared this useful vitamin cocktail, you can add a little seeds of chia (about one tablespoon) and mix it thoroughly in a blender. If there is no desire to consume carbohydrates, then it will be possible to stir one tablespoon of the seeds of Spanish sage in a glass of kefir, then leave for about half an hour and drink on an empty stomach. It is possible to prepare and useful fitness breakfast. In this case, it is necessary to mix the seeds of chia with one jar of any natural yogurt (without flavoring) in the evening and leave it in the refrigerator for the whole night. By the morning the seeds will swell well and the resulting mixture will not only be a satisfying and voluminous, but also very useful breakfast, which will provide a feeling of satiety for a long time.

To fill various salads, nutritionists are advised not to use oil or mayonnaise, but a gel made from chia seeds, which is very easy to make. To prepare such a gel you will need to take 2 table. spoonful of seeds and pour a glass of water (necessarily boiled), then leave it for a while to get well brewed (about 8 hours). Then the resulting mass is poured into the blender bowl and thoroughly mixed until it has a uniform consistency. The grains of Spanish sage are really a very valuable product for a person's diet, while helping not only to improve health, to conduct an effective course of rejuvenation, but also to lose the available excess weight.
Chia seeds are able to establish the proper functioning of the digestive system, since they include food fibers in their composition. As a result of regular consumption of chia seeds in food, immediately after the meal there is no increase in blood sugar. There is a slower release of sugar, which leads to optimal absorption from the cells of the human body. Consequently, there is a possibility of a significant decrease in the need for insulin. However, in the presence of diabetes, the reception of chia seeds should be done only after the permission of the doctor and under strict control of it.
In order to establish the correct process of metabolism, it will be sufficient to consume only 2 tables a day. spoons of seeds (but no more), with a chance to achieve the highest rates in the severe struggle with fat deposits, you will not have to experience an unpleasant feeling of hunger, which is quite common when observing a variety of recipes.

Selection and storage of chia seeds

In their homeland, the chia seeds are collected and processed in exactly the same way as the quinoa or the amaranth. By tradition, the matured heads of the plant must be cut, then dried, threshed, and then sieved. They must be sieved without fail, since only in this way will it be possible to separate the pure seeds. Chia seeds have a relatively small size, a dark brown color, approximately from the head of a pin, while having a shiny and smooth surface (about one millimeter in diameter). how to choose the right chia seeds
You can store chia seeds for several months and up to several years, but only if all the subtleties of storage are observed. But at the same time it is recommended to store them in a dry and hermetically sealed container, which should be placed in a sufficiently dark and cool room. In the event that these simple storage conditions are strictly observed, chia seeds can lie for several months, while they will completely retain all their useful properties and will be suitable for consumption.