Doctors constantly tire of repeating to us about the dangers of cholesterol for our body. But, cholesterol, it is vitally important for our body. statins (tablets against cholesterol) Studies of Norwegian scientists have revealed one interesting fact. The life expectancy of women with a high cholesterol level is much greater, and they suffer less from strokes and heart attacks than those having lower numbers. We are credited with various drugs to reduce cholesterol and we, of course, buy them and take them. Naturally, there is a legitimate question, is it necessary to have tablets to lower cholesterol and do they need?

What are statins?

The use of products that are endowed with trans fatty acids adversely affects the cell membranes. As a result, there is a need for their repair. Restoration of damaged tissues is one of the functions of cholesterol. For example, a lot of it in scar tissue. If necessary, our liver can increase cholesterol production by 400 percent and this will be a vital necessity. What are statins? Such a view changes our ideas, as the supposedly unfavorable role of cholesterol. But, the fear of cholesterol is stronger than us, and we resort to the help of statins. Statins are medicines used to lower blood cholesterol levels. These drugs block the work in the liver of the enzyme (HGM-CoA), necessary for the production of cholesterol. cholesterol metabolism It continues to be widely believed that its high level leads to atherosclerosis, and by lowering the cholesterol level by statins, it reduces thereby the risk of stroke, chest pain and myocardial infarction.

The benefits of statins

  1. The use of statins lowers the cholesterol in the human blood.
  2. Statins are used as a substitute for vitamins and, as a preventive measure, from cardiovascular diseases.

Injured statin

It is often advised to listen to your body, and if for any reason he is forced to raise the level of cholesterol, then it is necessary for him. Lowering the cholesterol level artificially deprives us of protection, thereby provoking various diseases. For example, a violation of the adrenal glands. Clinical studies of the use of statin have been reduced to the threat of developing diabetes. Moreover, its constant use increases the development of diabetes by 9%. It turns out that the adult population suffering from diabetes, in parallel, has both heart disease and stroke. What, in that case, are we treated with statins?
Statins inhibit the natural processes of intracellular signaling of insulin signal, which can develop a violation of glucose tolerance.
Recent studies have identified an increased risk of fatal stroke, if used regularly. Also, side effects after the use of statins have been identified: chronic fatigue, cancer, anemia, acidosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, disruption of the thyroid and liver.
Do not prescribe these substances during pregnancy and lactation.
Patients taking oral medication for a long time have significant speech disorders, increased fatigue, and also problems with the vestibular apparatus.
Muscular myopathy, a metabolic disorder in the liver, kidney failure, cataract - that's what other statins can lead to.
Specialists, since 1992, have noted an increase in the number of suicides among those patients who constantly took statins. Canadian scientists to the already available contraindications for taking statins added to this list and kidney disease. Their studies revealed that the course of treatment with these drugs causes one in five patients to have serious kidney damage.

Apply statins or not apply to solve, of course, to you. But interesting is the recent statement by American doctors who stated that out of 100 statin users, 99 absolutely do not need them.