Pickled ginger

Herbaceous plant ginger, has more than 140 species. Now grown in Australia and in India, in Indonesia and China. The countries of West Africa, as well as Jamaica and Barbados, cultivate this plant too. His homeland, after all, is considered to be Asia, namely, its southern regions.

pickled ginger

Popular, mainly, the root of ginger. It looks like a different figure. Therefore it is also called "horned root".
There are two types - white and black ginger. It depends on the methods of preliminary preparation. And here everything is very simple. White - already washed and peeled, and black, respectively, pretreated not exposed.
This root is used, most often, already in the ground form. But you can apply it and raw. More and more popular ginger pickles. home pickled ginger 2 kinds For marinating, basically, the white root is taken. All his useful properties after pickling, he preserves, but the taste gets extraordinary. By the way, the usefulness of ginger root is inferior, perhaps, to the root of ginseng.

Composition of pickled ginger

Caloric content and nutritional value of ginger root in a pickled form is quite insignificant. But this is not so important. After all, we do not use it as the main product. Therefore, to calculate how many calories it does not need. But for those who strictly consider them, the information is as follows - 100 grams of ginger root marinated only 51 kcal. The quantitative composition of proteins is 0.2 g / 100 g. Fat is a little more - 0.3 g.
The amount of carbohydrates in 100 g of pickled ginger - 12.5 g. Water - 40 g. About 6 grams in this product of dietary fiber.
The value of ginger in the marinated form is that it contains the components that are most useful for the body. For example, the essential amino acids are widely represented. These are valine, asparagine, tryptophan, others. There are in this root and organic acids - caprylic, linoleic, nicotinic, oleic. Rich pickled ginger and essential oils, the main component of which is zhingibernen. He owns 70% of the total amount of essential oils. Another important component that is part of the essential oil of the ginger root is ginger (1.5%). Other substances include borneol, camphene, citral, bisabolene.
Rich with pickled ginger and minerals. This is, first of all, magnesium, which in 100 g of root contains a practically double daily rate. A lot in the product of this and iron. It is 100 g a little more than 11 mg. To estimate this index, we note that the recommended daily rate is up to 15 mg. It is impossible not to mention phosphorus and calcium. Phosphorus in 100 g of pickled ginger - 74 mg, and calcium - 58 mg, which corresponds to half of what the body needs for the whole day. There are also sodium (32 mg) in this root, as well as zinc (4.73 mg) and a small amount of potassium (1.34 mg).
Vitamins are represented by the B group - B1 (0.046 mg) and B2 (0.19 mg), as well as vitamins A (0.015 mg) and C (12 mg). The calculation is provided for 100 g of the product. Carbohydrates are expressed in this product, mainly in the form of fructose and sucrose.

Beneficial features

Exotic for our places pickled ginger, is unusually useful. It is rich in components with pronounced antioxidant properties. Therefore, it is considered the strongest means for the prevention of oncology. The same substances also slow the aging of the body.
The positive influence is rendered by pickled ginger and on heart. A tiny piece is able to fully provide this organ with micro and macro elements. Due to this, the heartbeat is normalized, the heart muscle is strengthened.
With regard to the digestive tract, ginger in a pickled form is just a real treasure. It improves gastric secretion and digestive processes. Eating a small amount of pickled ginger, you will forget what a flatulence is. The root will also help in case of poisoning. He also destroys various forms of parasites in the intestines.
It is considered a pickled ginger and an excellent means for cleansing the mouth. He not only refreshes his breath, but also struggles with diseases of the oral cavity.
Ginger has a pickled and bactericidal effect. It destroys microbes, increases immunity and resistance to infections. Effective is the root in the fight against angina, sinusitis, bronchitis, other diseases that begin with a common cold. Even pneumonia can be countered with the help of this miracle cure.
Used marinated ginger and in the form of an analgesic. He is able to calm, in particular, the headache. Spice and people of mental work are recommended. The components in this plant increase the flow of oxygen, and to the cells of the brain, as well. Therefore, its activity and efficiency increase. It is also an excellent tonic that gives strength and stimulates the overall performance of the body.
Favorably affects the pickled ginger and the reproductive system. And both male and female. To men this root helps to strengthen potency and prevent prostatitis. In women, the tone of the uterus rises, inflammatory processes take place. Ginger also helps in the treatment of infertility.
The benefits of pickled ginger are also invaluable in nervous disorders. It turns out due to this tool you can find determination, relieve tension and eliminate the feeling of fear.
Diabetic patients should also pay attention to this wonderful plant. Every day eating a small amount of pickled ginger reduces the level of sugar, as well as cholesterol.

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  1. First of all, by eating this spice, you need to know the measure. Absolutely healthy people can harm themselves if they eat too much pickled ginger. It can manifest in the form of diarrhea, nausea and other symptoms of poisoning.
  2. If you have gastritis or worse, an ulcer, then do not put this spice into your diet, even if you really like it. Diseases of the liver and gall bladder also serve as contraindications for the use of pickled ginger.
  3. It is worthwhile to be cautious and pregnant, as well as breastfeeding mothers.
  4. Tasting the flavored and unusual taste of pickled ginger, do not forget that this is, first of all, seasoning. Do not abuse this wonderful product. Then only he will show all his amazing abilities and qualities.