Non-alcoholic beer and wine during pregnancy

Non-alcoholic beer and wine during pregnancy 5 3.8

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Non-alcoholic beer and wine during pregnancy

The word "shopping" in our time is gaining increasing popularity among the fair sex. What a woman does not like to walk around the shops - slowly, with taste ... And the future mother is no exception. Although during pregnancy, shopping has some nuances. We will talk about them in our new rubric.

Anastasia Galkina

January, by tradition, the month of holidays, And so you do not want to be bored with a glass of juice in your hand, when everyone around is raising glasses with something foaming, flickering and sparkling ... Non-alcoholic wine and beer will enable future mother to join the celebration without harm for yourself and the future baby. 

What it is?

The wine and beer in question are called non-alcoholic only conditionally. Alcohol in them is still contained, but in a very small amount - about 0.5%, about the same as in ordinary kefir.

Non-alcoholic beer is made almost the same as usual: the must is fermented with beer yeast. But then the beverage is subjected to double filtration, which results in the alcohol leaving the beer.

It is believed that nonalcoholic beer is less caloric. If in 100 g ordinary beer contains 45 or more calories, then in the nonalcoholic - about 31 kcal.

The technology of making non-alcoholic wine is also little different from the usual one. Just from the finished grape wine afterwards Non-alcoholic drinks for pregnant women"Alcohol" is pulled out. This can be done in two ways: the wine is either heated (with the alcohol evaporated), or abruptly cooled. The second method is considered more "sparing", because in this case the wine retains all the useful substances contained in it and does not lose its taste qualities. Such treatment is subject to both red and white dry, semi-dry and semisweet wines. Less commonly on sale you can find non-alcoholic fizzy wine. It should not be confused with the so-called "non-alcoholic champagne", which is produced for children: it is not wine, but an ordinary carbonated drink.

According to experts, in some respects, non-alcoholic wines are even more useful than conventional ones; So, antioxidants (a substance that protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals) contained in non-alcoholic red wines circulate in the blood longer than those contained in wines that have not been dealcoholized.

Where can I buy it?

Non-alcoholic beer is sold in the same stores as usual, and almost at the same price. Wine with a reduced content of alcohol can be purchased at branded stores and supermarket departments. It is worth a little more expensive than a similar dry wine, and so far it is included in the category of "elite" products.

How to choose?

To the choice of wine and beer, even non-alcoholic, the future mother needs to be treated very carefully. This is especially true of beer. Pay attention to the expiration date of the product.

Although non-alcoholic wine and beer, in contrast to "alcoholic", do not belong to products that are strictly forbidden during pregnancy, it should not be misused, since they can cause allergies in mom or baby. It should be borne in mind that non-alcoholic beer, as a rule, contains various preservatives and food additives that are not harmful during pregnancy. In addition, hops and bitter substances contained in beer, contribute to the appearance of excess weight. Therefore, a glass of wine or a mug of beer on the holiday will be enough to not damage your health and feel yourself attached to the festive feast.