Is it possible for children to mushroom?

As soon as the baby grows up and begins to show interest in "adult" food, parents want to treat the crumb with a delicious dish from their table. Among these delicacies are fungi. However, if you hurry, tasting the mushrooms will go to the child not for good, but for harm.

If you read the answers of doctors on the question of whether it is possible for children to give mushrooms and from what age it can be done, then you will be surprised. The age range varies from 2 to 10 years. In this case, there are categorical opponents of entering mushrooms into the children's diet - regardless of the age of the child. What are the arguments of the supporters of one and the other opinion?

Mushrooms are useful. According to the composition of the substances included in them, the fungi is closest to vegetables. And protein in them is more than in vegetables, and some carbohydrates, present in mushrooms, are contained only in these forest gifts, in other products they are not. In addition, there are a lot of fiber in the mushrooms, vitamins A, D, C, PP and Group B. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and copper are contained in this product.

Mushrooms are harmful. Wild mushrooms are natural representatives of microflora, which can produce toxins. In addition, forest mushrooms accumulate lead and cadmium, which is fraught with poisoning with heavy metals. Moreover, heavy metals accumulate even in fungi, growing in places where the maximum levels for the content of these substances in the soil are not exceeded. However, even if you give the child mushrooms grown not in the woods, but bought in the supermarket, you need to know: because of the abundance of proteins, fungi are difficult to digest and digested. A very small child will not benefit from such food.

Age boundaries

However, the question of whether children can mushrooms, the famous doctor Komarovsky answers in the affirmative and even indicates that in 1 year and 7 months you can give a crumb of a mushroom soup to try. Nutritionists also believe that it is better not to risk and the question of whether children can mushrooms in 2 years, answer: "No". Such delicacies are recommended to give to children only after 3 years, and not all kinds of mushrooms and only properly cooked. After all, the baby's body is very sensitive to toxins that can get into the mushrooms from soil, air, water, etc.

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A pleasant exception to this rule is mushroom and oyster mushrooms grown under artificial conditions. They are the first to be introduced into the diet. After 3 years, nutritionists are allowed to introduce mushrooms into the children's diet, while specifying the age limits of the small eater and the way of cooking mushrooms. Immediately it is worth mentioning that we are talking only about healthy children.

Mushrooms for children from 3 to 6 years. Include champignons and oyster mushrooms in the baby's menu can be no more than 1-2 times a week. They are given in very small quantities (1-2 tablespoons) in the composition of vegetable or cereal dishes. But it is best to use them in a very crushed form for the preparation of potato cream soup with the addition of mushrooms or sour cream sauce with champignons for pasta.

Mushrooms for children from 6 to 10 years. You can "pamper" the child with wild mushrooms, but only if you are sure that you put edible mushrooms in the basket. The risk of making a mistake and taking their false relatives instead of a poderezovik or a mushroom is very high. Since the mistake is fraught with the most tragic consequences, even at such an age it is not recommended to give wild mushrooms to a schoolchild. At this age it is better to offer a schoolboy soup of champignons or veshenok. Strongly grind them is no longer necessary, it's enough to cut it.

Thus, when asked if children can mushrooms chanterelles, as well as honey mushrooms, redheads, white or oiled ones, nutritionists answer: "Only after 6 years, but it's better not to take chances".

Mushrooms for children after 10 years. Stewed mushrooms appear in the diet. Occasionally you can even offer fried. But do not get carried away: the most useful ways of processing products are boiling and quenching.

Marinated and salted mushrooms are absolutely adult food. In pickled mushrooms a lot of vinegar, in pickles - an excess of salt. And that, and another for the benefit of a child of any age will not go.

Attention: mushrooms are absolutely contraindicated for children with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Methods of processing mushrooms for children

Regardless of the child's age, in order to reduce risks, any fungi must be processed according to certain rules:

  • first soak for several hours (preferably at 12 hours);
  • draining the water, clean it;
  • then boil or blanch.

Only after this, mushrooms can be used for cooking.

Remember: the more mushrooms are crushed, the better they are absorbed. In any case, the proteins of the fungi are absorbed by no more than 50-60%.

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