Greek yoghurt

Greek yogurt is characterized by a wealth of useful values ​​in contrast to the classic yogurt that we love so much. Only in the US from 2006 to 2010 the sale of this product has grown doubly. Produce this dairy product on the basis of pasteurized milk, adding to it living bacteria that are indispensable for the body. During the preparation (filtration) of this yogurt, a portion of the whey and all excess liquid are drained, because in the end result, it resembles thick cream in its consistency. The remaining types of yogurt have a more liquid and light texture. the benefits of Greek yogurt Despite the fact that Greek yogurt has a delicate creamy taste, it has very few calories, because it is so loved by nutritionists. In addition to being a dietary product, it also has a bunch of useful properties that you can read about below.

what is Greek yogurt

Useful nutritional values

In Greek yogurt there is twice as much protein, about 13 - 20 grams, rather than in ordinary yogurt 5-10 grams. According to Catherine Hobson in the "American News", this product has less sugar. When buying Greek yogurt in supermarkets, pay attention to the fat content of this product, 0 grams, 2 grams or 4 grams of fat, when in classical yogurt there are 20 grams of fat, of which sixteen are saturated fats. Namely, saturated fats, as we know, are the cause of cardiovascular diseases.
Salt is another indispensable component in the food industry. In Greek yogurt, 50% less salt, compared to other types of yogurt. Even in unsweetened ordinary yogurt, the percentage of sugar will be half as much as in Greek yoghurt.
According to the State University in Ohio, calcium, which is included in this milk product, reimburses its daily norm by 20% in the body. It is the main microelement, which our teeth and bones need, as well as muscles for their reduction.
It is vital to receive a sufficient amount of calcium daily with food, since a decrease in it in the blood can badly affect the health of your bones, the loss of important salts in the body and the violation of the hormonal background. Greek yogurt can help you in solving the lack of calcium.

Useful properties of Greek yogurt

Thanks to the richness of protein and calcium, it has become even more useful in dietary terms. Using one serving of yogurt between the food bars, will help you not to overeat and feel full. People who are on a diet often suffer from hypoglycemia (lowering blood glucose levels), so they are especially encouraged to take Greek yogurt, as the protein in its composition normalizes the level of glucose, and calcium - will speed up their metabolism. In winter, yogurt will help you fight the flu, says Dr. Braverman, he recommends taking three servings a day to avoid an epidemic. Benefits for people with lactose continuity Lactose is a carbohydrate, which is found in milk and all dairy products. Every year, people with lactose intolerance become more.
Greek yogurt has little lactose in it, and it protects people from problems with digestion, swelling and diarrhea. Due to its thick consistency and pleasant creamy taste, it is used instead of sour cream or mayonnaise. Yogurt will provide your body with safety, without any problems with digestion.
For diabetics
People who suffer from diabetes mellitus are very cautious about carbohydrate foods. Greek yogurt will be a useful and safe product for them. For starters, one serving per day is allowed.

For losing weight

Due to the minimum amount of carbohydrates in its composition, it is an ideal dietary assistant. It is equally useful at any time of the day, and will help in the snack on the robot, will quench the feeling of hunger, give strength and energy. This product has long been time to replace mayonnaise and sour cream in your refrigerator. Greek yoghurt for weight loss
In low-fat Greek yogurt, only about 135 calories, and in sour cream there are about 440 calories. Doctors say this yogurt is the best product in our time. It is difficult not to agree, because it is difficult to find faults in it.
Source of lactobacilli Greek yogurt does not pass the process of pasteurization, due to this it preserves all useful living bacteria. They have a good effect on the intestinal microflora, help the priadia, constipation, inflammation in the intestine and protect against yeast infections in the vagina. It is also very useful for people suffering from gastric ulcer. Bacteria probiotics protect against malignant diseases of the intestine and bladder.
Greek yogurt is considered the most concentrated product, which contains a large number of useful microorganisms. But sometimes even this is not enough, because in the stomach and intestine there are about ten trillions of beneficial bacteria. They protect from bad microorganisms, absorb useful substances from food and increase the overall immunity.
Other useful properties of Greek yoghurt are still waiting for medical confirmation, but several of them have already become known: prevention of diarrhea and its treatment in children, prevention of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases, prevention of kidney stones, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, strengthening teeth and gum problems.

This universal product is a guarantee of health, an alternative to desserts and sour cream.