Cane sugar

Today cane sugar can be seen in all supermarkets. The main difference, from the usual sugar beet sugar, is its brown color. And what are they different from each other? And is it useful for our organism cane sugar?

cane sugar

A bit of history

It is believed that the ancestor of the production of cane sugar is India. Europe learned about it thanks to Alexander of Macedon, and our ancestors tried cane sugar somewhere in the 11-12 centuries. Today, statistics say that the total volume of its production from cane is 60%, at the same time 40% of sugar beet is obtained.

Reed sugar is obtained by boiling on a special technology of sugar syrup, and it refers to unrefined. A great sweetener, used in drinks as an additive, from which they acquire a rich note. Also widely used in the production of dairy products, bakery, confectionery and added to some salads.

In Sweden, incidentally, cane sugar found an interesting application - it is added to pickled herring and liver pate.

Composition of sugar

Reed sugar has many useful substances like fiber, trace elements - potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, B vitamins.

Beneficial features

  1. Glucose, contained in cane sugar, nourishes our brain. In addition, it contributes to the development of energy. However, if this energy is not wasted, you can become the owners of unwanted folds on the sides and waist.
  2. The technological process of processing cane sugar can eventually save all vitamins and trace elements.
  3. The patch, which is the main cause of the brown color of sugar, contains many useful substances that are transferred to the product itself.
  4. Small portions of sugar improve the performance of the spleen and liver.
  5. Reed sugar has one feature, it does not change the taste of dishes, unlike white beetroot.

Harmful properties

  • The excessive use of cane sugar, like any excess, can bring harm to the body, such as a decrease in immunity and a metabolic disorder.
  • The high content of cane sugar disastically affects the vascular walls and can lead to atherosclerosis, diabetes and even can provoke cancer.
  • Refined carbohydrates, especially their excess supply, can slime the body. The pancreas can also suffer from the excessive appetites of sweet tooth.


With diseases of diabetes, pancreas, it is necessary to limit the consumption of cane sugar.