Maximum benefit: dairy products

Toddlers that grow by leaps and bounds, milk products are supplied with easy-to-digest protein, and priceless calcium, and phosphorus. But that is not all! Proteins of cow milk contain all the amino acids necessary for our body, which are absorbed

Harmful or useful?

These products mom and grandmother used to consider very useful for young children. But for some reason nutritionists are not advised to take too much interest in them. What's the matter? Let's start with the most "child" product - milk. It supplies

Mini-vegetables on the festive table

Figured carved asterisks and roses from carrots and cucumbers - yesterday. In the trend of modern gastronomic decor - mini-vegetables. What is it and what do they eat? Carrots with little finger, radish with nails, head of cabbage, which can be

Psychology of "edible" relationships

Proper nutrition in childhood is the basis of health. And not only physical. Through eating, many habits, character traits and attitude to life are formed. Hence, we must take this issue even more seriously. Take care not only about fats, proteins


This unique gift of nature from the realm of plants belongs to the family "Astrovye". There are about 150 species perennial. By the way, it's not just grass. There are shrubs among them. Selects semi-arid areas, where it is found in the wild from

Halva: benefit and harm

In order to try this eastern sweetness, it is not necessary to go to Iran, whose inhabitants started to prepare this wonderful treat many centuries ago. After all, now you can buy halva in any store of sweets. Kandalatchi - the so-called masters

And this is all popcorn

Popcorn - popular in the world delicacy, which is loved by adults and children, recently acquired new tastes and not quite familiar packaging. After. as in 1991 the first device for popcorn cooking was brought to Russia, Russians ate more than a

Season taste: fruits and ice cream

When else to indulge your crumb with anything tasty, how not during the holiday? Fruits and berries, ice cream and cocktails, unusual dishes - all these delicacies will surely please the child to taste. Only need to handle them correctly. Fruitful


Before becoming a popular drink, extraordinarily aromatic and tasty, coffee, more precisely coffee bean grain, was consumed as food. Yes Yes. Many centuries ago they were simply eaten. True, it was somewhere in the east of the African continent. In

Recipes of dishes with sorrel

SCHOOL SALAD 200 g of sorrel, 2 sour apples, 1 onion or a chive of garlic, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of green parsley, 1/2 cup of sour cream or mayonnaise. The leaves of the sorrel should be washed, chopped, mixed with peeled apples, garlic or onions, as
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