Why does a child swear at 3 years old and how to be parents?

the child swears with a matAdults often wonder when their child says "not beautiful" words, inappropriate for their speech. Where do children take obscene and rude words? As a rule, the source can be anything - on TV, in kindergarten, on the street, even from the parents themselves.

Do you constantly follow your speech at the moment of irritation? But the kid, like a sponge, absorbs everything new instantly. How can you wean your child off?

First of all, it all depends on the reaction of adults to the first rough words from the mouth of the baby. If you scolded him and then started to tell the story to friends with a laugh, the child will make the following conclusion: the first one is very interesting and funny, and the second one - this puts him in the spotlight.

Why does the baby swear?

Kids in three years utter obscene words unconsciously, that is, he does not yet understand that this is bad. Many adults are surprised: "Why from all words, he chose it!". This is not surprising - these words are said very emotionally, with a special intonation. Actually expressiveness and emotionality of such words attracts the child. Then the effect becomes a violent reaction of parents to the words that the baby says. The task of adults is to do everything so that the pronunciation of such words does not become a habit for the child. Parents, childish foul language can lead to shock, but try to restrain your emotions and not respond so sharply. In a calm tone, tell and explain to the child that such words are not beautiful to pronounce.

Not infrequently kids say foul language to "attract" attention to themselves. After all, babies need a lot of parental love and affection for psychological development. Lacking this, the baby will be extracted in various ways. Oh it does not matter, it causes laughter or punishment, he will definitely see that parents are not indifferent to this. In such cases, adults need to devote a lot of time to their babies, constantly play with them and be interested in children's desires.

Maybe the baby curses because he does not want to be like the others. For example, imitates a relative or friend. The second kid can imitate the older child. And hearing a rude word, he can perceive them as a manifestation of independence and "adulthood." Kids often idealize the characters of cartoons, films, thinking that everything they do is good deeds. Therefore, try to closely monitor the atmosphere in which the baby is. Choose cartoons that match the age of the baby.

Also, the reason for bad language may be a desire to take revenge or "annoy" parents. For example, the appearance in the family of a second baby, a ban to do anything, for not being bought a new toy. The kid is going through because of small and big troubles and shows the emotions of abuse. Probably, the child had difficulties - a bad relationship with sisters or brothers, performs something worse than everyone, has not learned to play the game. The kid wants his successes and achievements to be appreciated.

How to deal with obscene words?

First, adults need to eliminate the reason for profanity. Give your child a lot of attention, care and love. Help in his endeavors, constantly praise, for good deeds. Let him see that there are many ways to be "adult".

Do not ignore the abuse or severely punish. Both the first and second option can cause this behavior to be fixed. You need to understand the baby, why you can not do this. And do not tell the kid that adults can say such words, but they still do not. He will definitely disagree with you, since you are an example to him. Try to avoid conflicts, not to swear at home.

And it is very good, if nobody says such words in the house. In such cases, you can tell the baby that in your family you do not hear bad words. And try to explain that you can express your dissatisfaction in other ways.

Do you know such a situation when a child swears?