What if the child wants to get a tattoo?

The child wants to make a tattooToday, in adolescence, there are many nuances of behavior. Someone wants to make themselves beautiful African braids, someone, saw on his favorite idol punctured nose, wants to do the same. Many children are "ignited" by the idea of ​​making a beautiful tattoo like in the famous rock bands.

Of course, all this is due to the child's desire to stand out from the company, not to be like everyone else. It is not uncommon for teenagers to "perpetuate" some important event in their own lives. It's great if it's just one small tattoo in an unobtrusive place on the body. Another situation is if it's a big tattoo on the face or neck.

Let's admit, that the teenager has made a decision to make on the body a big tattoo. Immediately explain to him the consequences of such an act.

Tattoos are made for a long time, some even forever. Of course, there is an opportunity in the future to get rid of it, but this will take extra time and effort. It may be that this is to convince him to abandon this idea.

If the teenager insists on his and refuses your advice, you can ask him to give up this idea, even for a while. Perhaps, later the child will change his desires and come up with something else. Teenagers very quickly change their desires. And it's perfectly normal at their age. It's always interesting to try something new. It is a pity that a teenager does not always and does not immediately understand what he really wants. Therefore, it is important not to be indifferent to everything, a hundred happens to him.

Always pay attention to small things, keep in touch with a teenager. Try to keep abreast of everything that happens to him. First of all, you must be friends - this will help solve many problems. Speak more often, spend a lot of time - this guarantees a good attitude in the future.

And how do you feel about tattoos?