We travel by car with the child: than to take the kid on the

Why take a child on the road? We travel by car with a childA long trip is a serious test for a baby, especially if you are traveling by car, because the baby sitting in the chair is very organic in movement. Tired of idleness kids begin to be capricious, and spoil the mood of adults and themselves.

To ensure that the trip does not turn into torture, we will think in advance what to do with the baby on the road:

  • draw on the glass. Kids love to draw, especially where they can not. Well, let him draw, of course, with flip-out pens. When there is no place, give the baby a rag or a wet napkin - a wave of his hand - and the glass again is clean. But to choose markers and markers for drawing is worth carefully - not all are washed off and written on the glass. If you do not want the toddler to draw with felt-tip pens on the glass, use the magnetic board for creativity.
  • singing songs. Upload to your mobile phone or write to your favorite songs of your baby. Sing along with him, and the trip will not be of no interest to him.
  • play together. Simple oral games are a great way to take a baby at the time of travel. With three-year-olds, you need to take simple tasks, such as finding the wrong words in the chain of three: "bunny", "plate", "mouse".

It is not difficult to come up with oral games. Suggest a kid to find in the car or behind the window all high / round / green.

  • listen to fairy tales. Kids adore fairy tales, but adults do not always want to tell them. It's good that now there are a lot of recorded audio tales. Choose and listen to interesting records in advance for the child.
  • and what's behind the window? Talk to the baby about the landscape outside the car window. For example, if you go through the forest, discuss with the child who lives in the forest, what animals eat where they live (an anthill, hollow, burrow, nest, lair), as they are called babies (chick, squirrel, hare).

That the road was easy

Bring a few new toys. You can also take a book with stickers - they diversify the journey.

Take a trip to drink a baby, snack, such as a cookie or drying. For drinking, you can use a special bottle with a straw. Water can be near the baby, but the snack - it's best to keep near and see the baby at the right time. You can take the juice, just make sure that it does not sour, if the weather is very hot.

Do not rarely make stops so that the child can warm up. If at the moment of the next stop you have lunch - do not ask the baby that he was sitting on a stool next to you. Let him play, run. Only after spending a lot of energy, he will be able to sit quietly in the car seat. About, how to choose the right car seat was written earlier.