Shopping with baby

Shopping with a childIf earlier you could easily go to the store for a couple of minutes, then the hike with the baby turns into a real exam for endurance and stamina. And you have to make a purchase, and many adults do not have a choice, they take the baby with them for shopping.

In modern supermarkets there are often children's rooms, but

  1. There do not take very young kids;
  2. Not all children are ready to play without relatives for more than 15 minutes;
  3. Not all relatives want to give the baby to the game room.

A little preparation will help ease shopping with the baby and save your time and nerves.

The main thing, choose the right time for shopping. To get rid of the vagaries of the baby in the store, plan a trip when the baby is not very tired, asleep and full.

If the trip is long, take wet wipes, snack and juice for the baby. To protect yourself from conflicts in the store, do not take food with you in the original packaging - pour the juice into a bottle, and add the cookies to a simple package.

If it's cold outside and the baby is warmly dressed, be sure to strip him in the store so that he does not feel hot. A lot of people and noise are so great test for the baby, do not add more heat.

The big plus of supermarkets is that there are carts in which you can put the kids. Very good, if they are in the form of a typewriter.

The "grasping reflex" becomes a big problem - the kids are reaching out to their shelves with their gentle hands, because they are so interesting, tasty and bright. And the kid knows that if you ask well, parents will definitely buy him sweets or a toy. Can this be avoided? The first reception, it is very simple - we will take children's pens. Let him hold a roll, yogurt, something that is not difficult to hold. This is very important before the cashier, because there baby can easily get the goods. Second - try to "agree" with the baby. "We will buy either a toy or sweets." In fact it is necessary to explain to the kid, that adults can not buy everything, that it would be desirable. A good moment to do it now.

Make a shopping list. This will save your precious time, help not to forget the essential goods and will not allow you to go to unnecessary departments - in fact, distracting the baby can easily pass the regiment that we need.

Хвалите малыша for good behavior in the supermarket, and in the future, he will definitely try to behave well.