Safety of children

Safety of childrenGod saves man, who save himself

Most recently, you have been eagerly waiting for the baby to take his first steps, and now your anxiety for the health and life of the child has settled in your mind. And no wonder, because a small "pioneer" seeks to see everything and explore on his own, not yet realizing that in some places there are dangerous places for him. Well, for the sake of your child's safety, inspect your apartment and try to understand what the baby should beware of.


This is a very dangerous place for the baby, so it's best to close the door tightly so that the child can not get by himself. When the crumb is near you in the kitchen, consider the important points.

  1. Never leave your child unattended, especially if you have a cooker turned on. One awkward movement - and the kid can overturn a boiling soup or a teapot. For the same reason, do not prepare food if you have a child.
  2. Do not leave on the table a cup of hot tea, which the baby can turn over. Clean the tablecloth so that the child does not pull it along with all the dishes that remain on your table.
  3. Make sure that the hot pots are on the long burners, and the crumb will not be able to reach them and topple them.
  4. Do not leave knives, glasses, forks and other sharp or beating objects in the reach of the child.
  5. Small objects such as grains, coins, nuts, sweets, store in the distant drawers, where the baby can not reach. Otherwise, he can shove some object into his mouth and choke.
  6. Do not leave detergents in sight. Their bright color and pleasant aroma will attract the baby, and he will certainly want to taste them.
  7. In the form of a game, invite the child to help you. Let him lay out napkins or spoons on the table. First, the child will switch his attention from dangerous items to safe ones, and secondly, by helping you, he will feel his importance and necessity.


Safety of children и подростков в ванной комнатеThis is a favorite place for children. There you can splash around, play with water, bathe and even dive. All this is wonderful, but let these water games be a joy, and not turn into a tragedy.

To prevent trouble, take care of your baby's safety beforehand.

  1. Remember that never and under no circumstances should you leave your child unattended during bathing.
  2. Put a mat in the bath that does not slip, and fix the handle on the wall.
  3. Before putting the baby in a bath filled with water, make sure that the water temperature is suitable for swimming. It is best to measure it with a thermometer.
  4. Any cosmetics, whether it be shampoos, shower gels or creams, should be out of the reach of your child.

Living room (any room)

Safety of children в помещенииThe place where the kid spends most of his time should be especially safe for him.

  1. Place special blockers on the windows and do not leave the child near the open window.
  2. Look to see if there are any rosettes in reach. It's better if they have special stubs on them that the child's finger does not crawl through.
  3. Make sure that your cosmetic bag is at a distance not reachable to the baby. It is not dangerous to the child by itself, but it's unlikely that you will like the children's picture gallery on your wallpaper, made with the help of expensive mascara or your favorite lipstick.
  4. Any tablets should be removed away from children's eyes. Many pills have an attractive color for the child, which means that the crumb probably want to taste them (like candy). To avoid poisoning, hide the medicine cabinet in a secluded place and close it to the lock.
  5. Do not kid a sick child by offering him a pill under the guise of candy. Accustomed to the fact that the pills - this, according to the parents, is "tasty", the kids will perceive any medicine as a treat.


Playground и безопасность ребенкаOf course, not only the apartment carries a danger for the child. Behind the door, outside, in the courtyard, on the court, it will not be superfluous to observe precautionary measures, so that instead of a pleasant walk, do not get injured or fractured.

As a rule, children need a specially designated place for walking in the side of the site so that they can play separately from older children. But, at the same time, even in such a seemingly safe place, like a sandbox, you can find shards, iron, rubbish and glass. From this we can conclude that mothers need to be vigilant and watch where their children play.

In conclusion, I want to say that curiosity is a feature inherent in most children. So the child knows the world, and this need not be impeded. However, parents need to make every effort to protect children from trouble. Of course, it will not be possible to save the child completely from abrasions and cones, so the best option is always to remember a simple rule: "Prevention is better than any treatment."