Psychology of a teenager

Psychology of a teenagerAdolescence has many complexities and not infrequently adults, forgetting that they were also children and maybe, experienced similar problems, do not want to understand their teenager. How to find a common language with children, you will learn from this article.

Transitional age

Период полового созревания называют переходным возрастом. У разных детей этот период наступает в разное время. Transitional age в девочек, как правило, наступает раньше, чем у мальчиков. В основном он начинается в 11-13 лет. У девочек наступает менструальный цикл, а у мальчиков — эякуляция. У подростка появляется резкая смена настроения, упрямство, беспокойство, раздражительность, возможны проблемы в учёбе, ему хочется находиться среди сверстников. Взрослым обязательно нужно учитывать эти закономерные психологические и физические изменения. Конфликты могут встречаться очень часто. Если взрослые создают конфликты, не редко упрекать подростка, показывать личное недовольство, это только усугубит ситуацию. Говорят, что переходной возраст проходит тяжелее там, где в семье один ребенку. Такой период сложен и для взрослых и для подростков, но заранее никто не может сказать, как точно он будет проходить. Если не проявлять нужного терпения у подростка может развиваться невроз. Обычно, ситуация налаживается к 15 годам.

Difficult teenager

One can not exactly answer why a child becomes "difficult." The reasons lie in his upbringing and in the atmosphere where he was in his childhood. It must be understood that all children who have some bad behavior should not be referred to as "difficult." Some, because of their restlessness, curiosity, activity can not correspond to all concepts of "ideality". These children need an individual approach, it is important to direct their energy in the right direction and help them find themselves. To complex children, as a rule, carry those who have negative qualities, such as cruelty, rudeness, conflict and falsity. In this situation, you need to turn to a psychologist. With his help, it is necessary to properly organize the upbringing of such a teenager, to learn how to endure impulsive behavior. Raising a child is a hard job, it requires a comprehensive approach and patience. According to statistics, teenagers who are in a poor environment or who were completely left to themselves become difficult children.

Teenage fears

The psychological problem that occurs during the adolescent period is called "imaginary deformities". Girls and boys become more mature want to be like their ideals, not rarely perceiving their appearance for "non-standard". Such fear brings great suffering or can be intrusive. Daily conviction of his "ugliness" is increasingly developing. The problem may be that the child keeps his fears about the appearance from friends and loved ones and does not want to discuss this problem. As a rule, this can lead to great adverse consequences. The teenager sits at home all day, starts to hide his own face or other parts of the body. Such fear can very much take hold of a teenager. Adults need to be attentive to such a problem, so that the complex does not develop. It is necessary to speak delicately on this topic. If a difficult situation is necessary to seek help from a psychologist.