New antiseptic for hands fixigel from sanitelle - reliable

New antiseptic for hands Fixigel from Sanitelle - reliable protection of children's pens 0

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New antiseptic for hands Fixigel from Sanitelle - reliable protection of children's pens

In the flu season and colds, it is important to take care of the health of your family. The company "Bentus Laboratory" together with the production company "Aeroplan" and the company "Idea Forte" presented a new antiseptic for hands from Sanitelle - Fixigel.

antiseptic for hands

Fixiki are the children's favorite characters of the animated series of the same name, which is part of the large-scale media project of the company "Aeroplan". The popularity of the series pushed the company "Bentus Laboratory" to create a novelty under the TM Sanitelle - Fixigel. Fixic characters were chosen as the main characters of the gel not by accident: they always take care of human security, and this idea is perfectly combined with the concept of the brand Sanitelle. Ethyl alcohol, which is part of Sanitelle's products (66.2%), is the most effective, fast-acting and safe antiseptic capable of destroying up to 99.99% of the most common pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Novelty Fixigel provides natural moisturizing of the skin of hands, thanks to the vitamin E. It is convenient to use: it does not need to be washed off with water or removed with a napkin, which makes it possible to disinfect hands immediately and without much effort. Thanks to a convenient compact package (50 ml), Fixigel can easily fit in a bag, backpack or pocket.

Sanitelle's Hand Fixigel series consists of six products with light chewing gum fragrances (Bubble gum) and cherry (Cherry). The label of each gel depicts the characters of the popular series: Verta, Simka, Spula, Nolik, Ygrek and Fire.

The distribution of products is carried out by the Idea Forte company. The novelty can be purchased in pharmacies and stores from October 2014.

The cost of one bottle of gel is 105 rubles.

antiseptic for hands

About companies:

The company "Bentus Laboratory" (TM Sanitelle®) is the founder and leader of the production of household and professional sanitizers in Russia since 2004. The company's products are unique in their properties and are represented on the territory of the Russian Federation in supermarkets, pharmacies and filling stations.

Every year, the products of the "Bentus Laboratory" confirm its quality with well-known certificates and test reports, which can be found on the official website. In 2010, the company "Bentus Laboratory" received a gold award at the All-Russian competition "Brand of the Year. EFFIE 2010 ". In 2011, the brand Sanitelle® компании «Бентус лаборатории» занял первую позицию европейского Индекса эффективности EFFIE и третью позицию во всемирном Индексе эффективности EFFIE Worldwide в категории Pharmaceuticals&Healthcare. Производство располагается в г. Москве и оснащено современным оборудованием, компанией получен международный Сертификат качества ISO 13485:2003. Продукция компании (Sanitelle®) complies with the European standards EN 1040: 2005 and EN 1275: 2005.

antiseptic for hands

The production company Aeroplan specializes in major cultural projects related to artistic animation. The Company's projects involve not just the creation of animation products, but also help in solving pressing social problems.

New projects of "Airplane" are aimed at building multi-platform brands. The company goes beyond animation, introducing itself to the markets of computer games, content for the Internet and mobile phones, television educational programs, books, magazines, toys, etc.

The company is the owner of the brand "Fixiki". The series "Fixiki" is part of a large-scale media project designed for a broad international audience. Development of the project began in 2006. The plans include the creation of a full-length film of the same name, the development of computer games, the creation of special mobile content, the publication of a whole range of printing products.

The Idea Forte Company is a well-known brand BugSTOP in the market, and produces safe for health bracelets from mosquitoes. In the season of 2014, 14 items were presented, since 2015, buyers will also be able to purchase bracelets with the design of the brand "Fixiki".

Sales coverage is 80% of the market for repellents of this group.