Molluscum contagiosum in children

Contagious molluscum in the babyMolluscum contagiosum is a disease that is considered viral. In this case, only the skin is affected and the main symptom is a rash, which does not cause the child any inconvenience. Most often, this disease affects children from one to 10 years.

It is possible to pick up a molluscum contagiosum without much difficulty when you are in contact with a sick person. Usually this happens in a kindergarten or school. The disease can also be obtained by contacting things, toys, bed linen or towels. It is quite easy to catch a virus in the pool or in a natural reservoir.

From the moment the virus enters the body to the first signs of the disease runs from 2 weeks to several months. After the incubation period is over, a rash will appear on the skin of the baby, which will become the only manifestation of the disease. Usually the rash is located on the face, limbs and trunk, but on the palms and soles it never happens.

The rash with a molluscum contagiosum has its own characteristics and it can not be confused with a rash in other diseases. Nodules can have different shapes - from 1ml to 1cm. They resemble a hemisphere with a slightly noticeable depression in the center. The color of the rash in a molluscum contagiosum completely coincides with the color of the skin, but sometimes it can have a pale pink shade. This rash in children does not cause any painful or unpleasant sensations, although sometimes it may itch. But you can not give it to a child in any case.

If you press on one of the nodules, a white, gruel-like mass appears from it. But it's by no means worth doing. With such removal of the rash, the infection can get into the wound and inflammation will occur. To remove the rash with a molluscum contagiosum is best in the clinic of a dermatologist under sterile conditions.

Remove the nodules of the rash with tweezers and Volkmann spoon, and then the place where the removal was performed is lubricated with an antiseptic. This procedure is called curettage. She's a little painful, but quite tolerable.

You can try to fight molluscum contagiosum and with cryotherapy, laser and electrocoagulation.

You can try to cure the disease with the help of ointments and creams, but this treatment will last a long time. After removing the nodules, the skin areas must be lubricated with an antiseptic for a couple of days. Also the doctor can prescribe both antiviral drugs and drugs to strengthen immunity. The thing is that children infected with molluscum contagiosum are very often exposed to catarrhal diseases. Their reduced protective forces are simply not able to fight all microbes and viruses that enter the body.

However, the molluscum contagiosum is still easier to prevent than cure. That is why, from an early age, the child should know and be able to follow the rules of personal hygiene. Particular attention of parents should be directed to strengthening immunity. It is especially necessary to do this during the period of the child's visit to the kindergarten and school, that is, those places where a large number of people gather.