Interpretation of the name matvey

active boy

Recently, names have become common, which used to be practically non-existent. This name has Hebrew roots and comes from Matthew - "given by God." Given its glorious sound and beauty, it becomes surprising why this name was undeservedly forgotten for almost several centuries. Adult people with this name is very rarely seen, but little Matveyushek becomes more and more. It is believed that children with unusual names will necessarily experience discomfort in life in connection with the choice of parents. But, given the new fashion trend for rare and ancient names, when the baby is represented as Matvei - it has already become quite commonplace and is not surprising.

MAIN FEATURES NAMED AFTER Matvey. The gambler is almost never inferior. This is manifested in younger and older age. Honest, and it is unlikely to directly deceive, most likely find a way to convince another person of the need for their actions by coaxing and friendliness. There is no ambition, because of excessive modesty, very rarely reaches high heights in a career. Active and stubborn. If a child has his own principles, then no one, even his parents, has the right to violate them.

PSYCHOLOGY. The boy Matvey has a good memory and early starts to develop psychologically. He does not like conflicts and tries to avoid them in every possible way. Very strongly attached to the mother, even in adulthood. Sociability of his often knows no limits: can find an approach to any person.

HEALTH. It is subject to respiratory diseases, especially the throat often suffers.

HOBBIES. Most likely the boy Matvey will be carried away by some kind of skill: carpentry, architecture, sculpture.

How affectionately is Matvei? Matveyushka, Matveichik, Mitya, Venya.


Hope: "My Matvei is two years old. The boy is emotional, affectionate, restless, very remembrance, difficult to switch to new actions. that is, everything should be as it was before. Very attached to me, it's not easy to get along with strangers, playing exclusively with girls from 5 years "

Alexandra: "Hello! We are only 10 months old, but I can say that my son is stubborn, persistent, if not in the spirit can "show" his nerves. If something does not want to do or is uninteresting to him, then I will not achieve it in any way - he, you see, has more important things to do. In general, he is very smiling, gentle, affectionate, loves to pritulitsya, caress (often he starts himself), laughter. He's also a flirt and very restless. "

Anna: "Our Matveyka is only 9 months old, but it is already clear that he is a typical boy: demanding, stubborn, will always achieve what he wants - whether it's a toy or something else! Restless, very energetic! But he is also a sissy. In general, the best baby "

Mary: "To my 1,2. Very gentle. Clever. With character. Very sociable. Binds only to me and to granny. If something wants from me, then flirts. Great laughter and veselun. Likes to cuddle. If he is interested in something, then he does not care about everything and at all. Stubborn. Already trying to get mine. Shustrick. Before he could wake up, he was already dragging cars and toys. Not greedy. "

Irina: "This is not a child, it's a typhoon of some kind, it's never sitting on the spot, it's all running around, it's fussing all the time, very, very much does not like when they take his toys, the owner is very attached to his mother, does everything he can not, can climb even on the roof, not obedient! A very caring and capable child. He began to talk early, talked with offers in a year and a half, now he speaks complex words, he believes. Do not force to do something, but if the child is interested in himself, do not tear off! In general, as I understand, the maximalist in all senses, both in development, and in disobedience, etc. Constantly smiling! It suits, when something is necessary, any valuable will get what is needed, even if punishment follows. Our Matvei is 2 years and 3 months old! "

Alyona: "My son is 5 years old and 7 months old. Well, a rather complex boy grows, stubborn, but very cheerful, easily gets used to any conditions! Do not know how to lose, absolutely! He likes to play with children under the age of 1.5 or children of 7 and older chooses! Very athletic, agile. At the age of 3-3.5 years, very whiny was ... "

Margarita: "To my Matveyke almost 2, he is very active boy, I would even say - too restless and mischievous. He loves naykodnichat, the character is heavy. Achieves its "if not whining, so hard labor", very attached to me - even the toilet will not let me go (sorry for the details). Very inquisitive, but it's because of age, the memory is good, the site is sociable, but it can run by itself. In general, his name is pleasant and soft "

Dasha: "We are a year and two. He achieves his goal at any cost, too loud, always squeaks, a womanizer, squeals. You will not force to sit, listen to the book, if he does not want it. Very, very smart, good memory "