How to wash baby clothes?

laundry for childrenHave you ever thought about how it would be better to erase all children's things, in order to avoid the development of allergic reactions in children?

Almost all of us know perfectly well that the skin of any baby in the first months of his life is very sensitive. And, of course, when choosing the right detergent for the constant washing of children's things young parents to this issue will need to come really very responsibly and seriously.

At the moment, there is a fairly large number of strictly special detergent powders intended for children's washing directly on the Ukrainian market.

As you understand the means for washing, both adult and children's linen are, first of all, powdery or liquid (and this is gels, or emulsions). Liquid funds are almost always at their own price somewhat more expensive. Of course, it is quite possible to use just baby soap for washing children's underwear or even with laundry soap (that is what our mothers used, brown).

However, the most important or basic rule when washing any children's underwear is always a very thorough and the longest rinse. It is this guarantee that your baby's skin will remain as clean as possible and, of course, healthy. After all, in very many cases, an allergic reaction to the powder can occur precisely because of insufficiently thorough or simply poor rinsing of the laundry.

And of course, if your child already has certain problems with the skin, then immediately after washing and after the most thorough rinsing, lower the already washed baby clothes for just a few seconds in regular boiling water, this is necessary in order to completely evaporate the chlorine and other additives.

What exactly are besfosfatnye powders exist on the Ukrainian market?

  • Firstly, it is a washing powder called Laduka Lady - this is Dakos (Ukrainian producer, the Republic of Crimea), the powder is based on soap (In its composition: 100% натуральные природные компоненты, естественно без каких-либо синтетических добавок; Это, прежде всего 30% нано- Дакотрон под №16- или точнее секвикарбонат натрия, и <0,2% безопасный оптический отбеливатель), однако многие мамочки не уверены, что этот порошок хорошо отстирывает белье.
  • Brand DAKOS - This is a children's besfosfatny washing detergent, according to the reviews of moms perfectly washed.
  • Brand Powder Sodson (this is a German manufacturer)
  • Representative of network marketing Amway baby - this powder does not contain phosphate, it never irritates the skin of the baby, it is hypoallergenic, and is perfectly suitable for both manual and machine washing, in addition to all its advantages, this powder also protects your machine from scale. Country of origin: USA
  • A fine baby powder called Karapuz (this is a powder of the Ukrainian producer).
  • A powder called Alenka - this powder contains only natural PAB, of course, it is also besfosfatny (and its production is in the Kiev region).
  • Powder Ushany nanny - Its producer: Russia, this brand is Nevskaya cosmetics. This powder contains a minimum amount of phosphate.
  • A powder called Our mom (it generally consists only of soap chips).
  • A powder called Baby Speci.
  • A powder called Special Bebe (this is a powder of the French manufacturer).
  • A perfect unphosphatic universal infant powder called Milly Baby. His country of origin is Czech Republic, VALTECH TORS.
  • Very praised mummy powder for children's only white linen luxury (this is concentrate). His country of origin is Germany, Oricont GmbH.
  • Also very popular is a children's non-phosphate washing powder called «Royal Powder». His country of origin is Ukraine, the city of Poltava.

In the same case, if you are just beginning to use special non-phosphate powders for the first time, try the first three or even five washings to soak the laundry in this powder for 10 or even 12 hours, this is to ensure that your laundry does not become gray afterwards.

How correctly wash children's things?

how to wash children's thingsThe basic rules necessary for washing children's underwear:

  • Never need to wash children's things together with adult things (in particular this applies to all newborn babies and, of course, children under one year, or even better children up to three years old).
  • It is always necessary to use only special powder for children, and even better if you choose for yourself a powder, phosphate-free, and without a strong smell. All children's things (well, at least until your baby is three years old), it is undesirable to wash with washing powders intended for adults. Safe hypoallergenic infant powder is always free of phosphates!
  • Try to rinse out all children's clothes as much as possible, always put an additional rinse regimen on your washing machine.
  • The constant temperature during washing of children's things should be 30 or 40 degrees.
  • No children's clothing and never needs a special starching.
  • Absolutely all things, including panties and socks after washing it is desirable to iron, hot iron, with steam and necessarily on both sides. In particular, this applies to all newborn babies and children up to six months old.
  • All the dirtiest stains try to wash first by hand (household soap, for example).
  • Never use poisonous bleaches, at least until your baby is six months old, in particular it is not recommended in such cases to use banal chlorine bleaches. Too much of a smell of laundry after washing does not disappear at all, but will definitely remain on children's things and can later cause a very strong allergic reaction in your child.
  • But it's very possible to use air-conditioners for special softening or delicacy of children's things, of course, if it was originally designed specifically for young children, but in any case, you need to be very careful and follow the reaction of the baby's skin.
  • The detergent powder should in no case irritate your child's skin.
  • Children's washing powder for children should never smell too much.
  • Do not buy that washing powder, which is completely missing the mark or certificate of quality. Always try to pay close attention to the presence of such an inscription as "hypoallergenic".

At children's washing also it is necessary to consider always and water which is initially available in your region of residing. Carefully try to pick up the powder for washing children's things, and later you will be able to see and decide what exactly will be better for your little child.

And than you dear visitors of site Mamapedia erase children's underwear?