How to walk in winter with babies

To winter walk brought the kid a favor, it should be properly dressed. For this, it is necessary to take into account not only the temperature in the street, but also the features of the heat exchange of the baby. First exit

If there are no pustules, diaper rash and other injuries on the newborn's skin, the umbilical wound heals well and the district pediatrician says that the baby is healthy, then you can walk with it 2-3 days after discharge from the hospital. But first as a "dress rehearsal" a couple of times you need to breathe fresh air for 10-15 minutes with the baby on the balcony. For the first walk, choose a dry, windless day. On the street should be no lower than -5 ° C. For the first exit, 15-20 minutes is enough. For 1-2 weeks the duration of the exercise is reduced to 2-3 hours.

Since the babies have narrow nasal passages and, passing through them, the cold air does not have time to warm up, from the 2nd month up to the year with the baby it is possible to walk only at outdoor temperatures no lower than -15 ° С.

Walking clothes

Breast milk can not be eaten: thermoregulation is still imperfect, and it quickly overheats. For this reason, you must not allow a child to sweat while walking. The general rule is that a coat is put on a coat more than on an adult.

On the naked body of the baby stretched a cotton T-shirt with a long sleeve, on top of it - one more, but already flannelette or knitted with fleece. Belts are worn with panties or a diaper, on top - sliders. On the head you need 2 hats: the lower cotton and the upper - woolen or fur. Then the baby is "packaged" in a coverall - membrane or on a sintepon, the legs are put on winter shoes and a cover, on the handles - woolen mittens with fur. Covered in a baby stroller cover with a rug - it will perfectly keep the heat. With a strong wind, you need a hood.

At kids very thin, gentle and sensitive skin therefore at even not so strong frost they can receive obmorozhenie. To prevent this from happening, 15-20 minutes before leaving the house, apply a thin layer of baby cream or cosmetic Vaseline to the cheeks of the baby.

Is it warm or cold?

During the walk it is necessary to watch, that the child was comfortable: not hot and not cold. And it's very easy to find out if the baby is not overheated or overheated.

Determine if the child is not frozen, you can by touching the bridge of the nose, neck and wrist. Ruddy cheeks and nose are a sign that everything is all right with him. To the little man is not frozen, the blood must flow to the face, that is, the cheeks simply have to be rosy. Even in severe frosts it is not recommended to cover the mouth with a scarf or kerchief. The scarf or shawl will quickly become wet and cold, turn into an unpleasant compress. In addition, from prolonged contact with the wool cloth on the cheeks irritation (contact dermatitis) may occur, in addition, they can become weather-beaten. In severe frost, it is more important to cover your throat and ears, wear warm shoes and mittens, as these places are supercooled faster.

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