How to treat adenoids

How to treat adenoids?Part of the body are adenoids. They need to pay attention not less than to other bodies. Did not ask themselves the question: How does the adenoids cure? If yes, then read our article.

What are adenoids and why are they needed?

Adenoids are the lymph nodes that are located in the back of the throat behind the nasopharynx. With the help of lymph nodes that form part of the lymphatic system, the immune system to fight infection. Other lymph nodes are located in such places as the abdomen, armpits, groin, neck, chest. Such an infection, as airborne, enters the body through the nose, then is filtered by hairs, and then many of them are attacked by leukocytes and antibodies in the adenoids.

Increased adenoids

With adulthood, adenoids and tonsils decrease. Also, they have the ability to swell again with infections. With swollen adenoids, it's hard to breathe through your nose. This reduces the flow of air through the nose.

Increased adenoids

Common symptoms of infected adenoids in a baby:

  • breathing heavily, therefore breathing through the mouth;
  • snores or snores much in a dream;
  • speaks with the sound of a "stuffy nose";
  • some consonants do not speak clearly;
  • nose clears green or yellow mucus;
  • pain and dryness in the throat.

Prevention of adenoid enlargement

Do the baby gargling with salt water. Contrasting the rinse with hot and cold water will also be helpful.

Fried food and fast food have a large amount of carbohydrates and low protein content.

Babies, whose mom and dad smoke, have the greatest likelihood and predisposition to widening the adenoids.

It is very good if the baby will eat a lot of fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Fresh fruit juice is a rich source of vitamins. And it increases the resistance of the body to infections and ailments.

The kid needs to drink plenty of water.

Treatment of adenoids at home

Ginger, lime or lemon juice, honey and warm water, mixed together, will help clear the respiratory tract. Add 1: 4 lemon juice to warm water, as well as two teaspoons of ginger juice and a couple teaspoons of honey.

Treatment of adenoids at home

A good companion in the treatment of adenoids is garlic. Spread cloves and garlic to the state of the paste. Then squeeze out the juice from this paste and add honey to your own taste. Let the baby drink juice slowly, that it was possible to "lubricate" the adenoids. With this procedure, inflammation is removed and the tumor is eliminated.

Gargle is needed several times a day with a special infusion of myrrh and echinacea.

In addition, you can prepare herbal tea from the leaves of burdock, laurel and red root of the clover. This mixture must be brewed three times a day.

A lot of vitamin C in the form of citrus or ascorbic acid. It supports immunity.

You need to go to the doctor - if people's methods do not help. It may be that you need to remove adenoids if they are too often disturbed.

Therefore, we wish health to your baby and your family.