How to keep patience with a one-year-old baby?

child upbringing at the age of 1 yearThe most significant difficulty and problem faced by the parents of a one-year-old baby is to teach him, not to touch and not to take in hand what he can not. Every child is surrounded by things that are not for children's fun. For example, table lamps or gas stoves. From the child everything can not be hidden, it is necessary to teach or explain, not to touch. In the first years of life, the baby can not just be banned and said "can not." The result of parental prohibition can sometimes be a violent protest of the child. This your baby protests against infringement of his freedom. At the very beginning of life perception the child is not able to perceive the prohibition in the adequate meaning of this action. After all, he does not yet have experience, what he expects if he disobeys and what is the meaning of the ban. For the most part, the child resists your instruction and does the opposite, just to see your reaction. On the further consequences, he still does not think because of his inexperience and naivety. He will try with an enviable persistence to drop the lamp from the table, despite your repeated remarks. In a similar situation, the parent needs to get more patience and again and again, intercept him on the way to the table. Do not forget to explain why "not". Do not show irritation or anger, behave decisively and amicably. Calm and confident tone, affects children much more effectively than screaming. Undoubtedly, the best result you will achieve by trying to distract the child to another, more interesting game. Even if at first glance it seemed to you that the child did not understand anything, this is not so. Several attempts to act in a friendly manner, but categorically allow us to master any rule. Patience of parents will be rewarded in the future, when already grown-up children, can be independent and benevolent. It is not necessary to try to organize in the educational process a contest of self-esteem, who will give in to whom. Take your little son with you to the store, expect to spend time shopping much more than if you did it yourself. Do not be angry when the son goes completely the other way or is interested in the next steps. Be patient, go a little slower and the baby will soon catch up with you. On your rude order to be just next door, he, most likely, too, will get angry in return. A new and interesting action: dropping and scattering things. A child at the age of one year does this not to spite you, but because it is new for him and interesting. It is not necessary to immediately select all the things, the kid can perceive this as a new game. Let him collect the scattered with himself, only in this case he realizes that doing this way is not entirely good.
Be patient when trying to do this with the remains of your lunch or breakfast. A child who is hungry without being saturated will not throw food. Just drop him from the table, but in no case do you need to use brute force or cruel words. Throwing is also a kind of new activity for a growing man.
Consistency and unity of requirements in relation to the baby, from all adults in the family, can maintain a benevolent atmosphere in the family, even in the most difficult situations. Do not replace your patience and calmness, your roughness and irritability. Remember that parents are the closest and most native people to a growing baby. Only parents will be able to support and help at the right time their child.