How to hold a baby

Head up, legs down, variations - according to our instructions. Nothing complicated! Boldly take the child to the handle: for games and walks, rocking and talking, there are comfortable and safe poses. Good morning, petty!

Take the child under the arms so that the thumb of your hand remains on his chest, and the rest support the back, shoulders and the back of the head.

This method is well suited if you want to take the baby out of the crib. Make a small pause so that the kid enjoys the state of weightlessness, chatting with his feet, waving his hands. Zoom in and remove it from yourself or lift it up and down with light, smooth movements.

Full-body baby

Lean your child to him so that his head goes beyond your shoulder. With your left hand, hug him by the buttocks, keep your back on the right.

In this position the baby will be easier to get rid of excess air after feeding. Do not forget about massage: with gentle movements, stroke his back from the bottom up.


When the doctor allows you to put the child (usually - six months), you can arrange it on your knees. Let him lean against you with his back, and you hold him with both hands in the area of ​​the tummy.

The kid is in your arms. With your left hand, grab it from below, fixing the thigh with your palm, and support the lower back with your right hand. The head of the child will be on the bend of your elbow.

People look and show themselves

In this position, the child will be very comfortable studying the world around him. Turn it face forward, grasp the baby's breast with one hand and hold it with the brush under the arm, and the other take the little one by the foot, as if sitting it on the same created "crossbar".

For a stormy night

Put the baby's head on one leg, and the belly - on the other. Stroke it on the back from the bottom up.

This position is well suited to babies who are concerned about abdominal pain and colic. Just do not put the child that just ate or is in the habit of regurgitating.

Take and carry

Put the baby on his left hand so that his legs are below the level of the head. Turning your child's head away from you, lean it against the crook of your elbow. The right hand is passed between his legs so that the open palm is on the tummy.