How to choose a thermometer?

Oh, it's hard work - to measure the temperature of the baby! The child is capricious, spinning and does not want to sit quietly for at least five minutes. Then you involuntarily think about what kind of thermometer you'd better buy. The answer is not as simple as it seems.

Any pharmacy now offers several types of medical thermometers: mercury, electronic, infrared, the latter being contact and non-contact. There are also thermometers, "disguised" under a pacifier-pacifier. One more option is forehead temperature strips. To make the right choice, you need to know the merits and demerits of each kind. So let's try to figure this out without haste.

Types of thermometers Price Accuracy of measurement Measurement speed Reliability Life time
Mercury + + - - -
Electronic + + + + +
Ear / Head - - + + +
Thermoplastics + - + - -
Non-contact - - + + +
Mercury thermometer

Advantages. Old, as the world, mercury thermometers have very high measurement accuracy. You can be sure: these devices do not interfere with the correct result. It will not be affected by either the illumination, the humidity, or the temperature in the room. The permissible error in the measurement in any case is not more than 0.1 °. With its help, you can measure the temperature both under the mouse, and rectally, and orally. For children graduates are issued, in which a tube with mercury is placed in an impact-resistant housing. The expiration date of the device is unlimited. Undoubted advantages include the price. If you do not master the original, you can keep within a mere penny.

Disadvantages. How much mercury thermometer is accurate, so it is in most cases fragile. From breakages does not save at times even the impact-resistant case. What can we say about ordinary specimens "dressed" in thin glass! A careless movement - and it is smashed to pieces, and dozens, if not hundreds of small mercury marbles, scatter around the floor. At the sight of this metal placer, even experienced mothers do not even feel at ease, and they start calling in different instances, demanding the disposal of the contents of the broken thermometer. In addition, in order to obtain a reliable result, the child should sit still for at least 8 minutes. Agree, this feat is not capable of all the little restlessness.

Temporary solution For the smallest are invented thermometers-pacifiers. This is a kind of digital thermometer in the form of teats made of latex, in which a thermosensitive sensor, a display and a sound device are built. It is enough for a child to suck it for 3-5 minutes. However, if the baby has a stuffy nose and is breathing through the mouth, the indicators will be underestimated. And after the child abandons the nipple, it is better not to offer such a thermometer. Electronic (digital) thermometer

Advantages. The temperature is measured by a special thermal sensor, which is built into the tip of the device. The places where it is possible to measure the temperature with his help, is greater than in the case of his mercury colleague. To already listed above places the groin and an ulnar fold are added. The result becomes visible quite quickly - after 3, maximum 5 minutes. And there are models that store it in the memory of the device. The digital thermometer is not afraid of impacts, the batteries usually last for several years.

For convenience, many electronic thermometers can be with a flexible tip. Another modern technology - gilded tips. They are designed for those who suffer from allergies to nickel (usually this metal is used in the production of thermometers). Specially for babies, digital thermometers are produced in the form of a pacifier.

There is an opinion that such thermometers, to put it mildly, are inaccurate. Moms often complain that they measured the temperature until they heard the sound signal, and the testimony was incorrect. In fact, the problem is not that the device is "lying", but that the mother read the instructions inattentively. The squeak that many for some reason accepts as a signal about the end of the temperature measurement, as a rule, warns only that the procedure is close to completion, but not yet finished. For the results to be accurate, you need to hold the thermometer for at least a few more minutes. It should be remembered that to measure body temperature with virtually any digital thermometer you need for 3 minutes.

And, finally, such an electronic meter can be safely taken with you on the road: a special case protects the device from damage.

Disadvantages. Electronic thermometers stand, if not in tens, then at least several times more expensive than mercury thermometers. As for the device in the form of a nipple, it is not necessarily this, let's say, a nipple like the baby. Guarantees that he will not spit it out, hardly taking into his mouth, no one will give. Yes, and the price of a similar original device bites.

Before you put the thermometer in orally, do not give your child anything hot. Before rectal procedure it is necessary to empty the rectum. Infrared thermometer

Advantages. Such devices measure the temperature in a matter of seconds. Sensors determine the degree of the strength of infrared radiation emanating from the tympanic membrane (ear thermometers) or from the forehead and the temporal region (headless thermometers). In order not to damage the ear canal, the ear-phones have a soft nozzle, so they are completely safe. And "head" models can measure the temperature, even when the baby is asleep. To do this, simply lean it against the child's forehead. The kid does not even notice the touch of the thermometer.

The family of infrared thermometers also includes thermal bands, temperature sensitive films and contactless thermometers. A contactless device is convenient to measure the temperature of a newborn, as it is enough to bring the thermometer to the baby's temple for a distance of approximately 2 cm. The result of the measurement appears on the display in just a few moments.

Недостатки. В данном случае быстрота измерения идет в ущерб точности. Последняя может составлять до 0,4°С. У таких приборов самая большая погрешность измерения. И дешевыми их не назовешь. К тому же такие приборы узкоспециализированные: ими нельзя измерить ректальную температуру. А ушной термометр может давать весьма существенную погрешность, если у ребенка отит. Thermoplastics и термочувствительные пленки при высокой температуре просто меняют цвет, узнать, сколько именно градусов «набежало», невозможно. К тому же на них влияет множество обстоятельств: освещенность, интенсивность выделения пота у ребенка, насколько плотно полоска или пленка прилегает к коже.

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