Herbal diet

Vegetarianism is a food system, implying restrictions in the consumption of products of animal origin or complete rejection of them. How much is this menu useful for a nursing mother and her baby?

Opinions about the ideal diet for a nursing mother, probably, not less than nursing moms. And if to the mothers who adhere to the usual diet, the claims usually do not arise, the mothers-vegetarians sometimes promise a whole bunch of problems: shortage of weight in crumbs, lack of milk, its insufficient fat content, lack of vitamins, etc. But in fact, when a reasonable approach is not so terrible.

Worry or not?

A vegetarian is a vegetarian. Women who abandoned meat, but eat dairy products and eggs, may not worry. With a balanced diet, they get enough of all the necessary substances. But the mothers, who completely abandoned the products of animal origin (vegan diet), will have to take very careful consideration of their diet.

Important points

To satisfy the body's need for protein and do without protein supplements, it is necessary to include different kinds of nuts, seeds, cereals, legumes in the diet. These same products will help to solve the problem of falling iron levels in a nursing mother. And iron from plant products is more difficult to digest, so the norms of its consumption for vegetarians are higher. Iron digestibility increases fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamin C and other organic acids.

As for vitamin B12, which is also vital to the baby, it is found exclusively in products of animal origin. A small amount can be found in soy and brewer's yeast. Since the deficiency of this vitamin in a woman affects its concentration in breast milk, it will be necessary to take it additionally. Do not interfere with the mother and additional vitamin D, especially this is true for winter and autumn. After all, the content of this substance in the baby's body directly depends on irradiation with ultraviolet rays and vitamin content in breast milk.

Myth or the truth? There are several very popular myths about feeding a nursing mother. It's time to get rid of them. It is believed that the fat content of breast milk is affected by the fat content of foods that the nursing mother is eating. In fact, the fat content of milk - the parameter is quite constant and does not depend on the nutrition of the woman. With the help of diet can only affect the quality of fat. Increase the level of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, important for the development of the baby's brain, will help walnuts and flax seeds. The calcium content in breast milk is also stable and does not depend on the nutrition of the mother. And dairy products are not the only and not the best source of calcium. A high level of this microelement is found in poppy seeds, sesame seeds, nuts, spinach, broccoli. My child is a vegetarian (and I am not) My child is a vegetarian (and I am not) Elementary! 5 key elements of nutrition that prevent weight loss Elementary! 5 key elements of nutrition that prevent weight loss Rahith and vegetarianism Rahith and vegetarianism