Heat stroke in the baby: how to protect the child from

Heat stroke in a childHeat stroke is very dangerous for the life of the baby. It is due to overheating of the body. If at the right time do not provide the necessary assistance to a person, then a fatal outcome may occur. Unlike direct sunstroke, heat stroke occurs in such cases:

  1. The kid drinks a little liquid;
  2. Walking without a hat;
  3. Strong overheating of the child.

To protect yourself from sunstroke, you need to wear a panama or cap, but to prevent heatstroke from the baby is very difficult, even with all the precautions. Of course, one should try not to let the child overheat, but it's a pity it is not always possible. For example, if in a strong heat you eat in a car without an air conditioner, even open windows do not have the power to lower the temperature inside the cabin. To protect the child from overheating, constantly wipe it with a damp cloth and provide a plentiful drink. Unfortunately, even such measures can not always help, so you need to know how to provide the correct first aid to the baby with a heat stroke.

The first symptoms of heatstroke

It is not difficult for adults to estimate how overheated their child is. If the baby is breathing heavily, reddened, sweated, but at the same time full of strength and vigor - hence, until there is no reason for excitement. The first symptom of a heat stroke is a poor state of health and a child's lethargy. Heat stroke often occurs when the child's body is dehydrated. Therefore, the symptoms can still include strong thirst, slight urination, dry mouth, sticky saliva, lack of sweat. Overheating in the baby can cause loss of consciousness, cramps, weak pulse, vomiting and nausea. The skin of the baby will be very reddened, and the body temperature can rise very high, more than 39 degrees, but the legs and hands will be cold.

The essence of first aid?

First of all, you need to determine whether the baby has signs of shock. Symptoms of shock, the skin becomes cold and pale, breathing is superficial, weak pulse, fainting. In this situation, the baby should be urgently taken to a cool place and to provide the necessary assistance. If overheating occurred on the street, you need to take the baby to the shade and unbutton the clothes, as a rule, the legs should be slightly raised. Then give an abundant drink, and make small cool lotions in the places of passage of large vessels. All procedures in case of heat stroke should lower the body temperature of the baby. And, of course, you need to call an ambulance. And if overheating of the baby happened in the house, then call an ambulance immediately and provide first aid:

  1. Sit the baby in a bath with cold water and rub the body with a sponge;
  2. You can put a toddler under a cold shower, and if a child has an overheating on the street, you can immediately pour water from the hose;
  3. When the temperature of the baby falls to 39 degrees, it is necessary to wipe it, then lay it and cover it with a sheet;
  4. Put a cool napkin on your forehead and let the baby drink a lot of salted water.

The baby is strictly prohibited, with a heat stroke, to give tea or medicines. This can complicate the condition of the baby.

It must be remembered that heat stroke can be severe, medium and light. The sooner the help is provided, the easier the baby will suffer a heat stroke. In severe form, the baby may have hallucinations, the temperature may rise to a maximum and sudden death may occur.

In summer, you need to follow the following rules to somehow protect yourself from a thermal shock in your baby: walk with the baby on the street until 11 o'clock in the afternoon, play not very agile games. It is imperative that the baby wears a hat, and clothes are made with light fabric. On very hot days the baby needs to give several times more liquid than usual.